DBRG Publications

Charlwood Dendronology Project - Rod Wild 2003.
A full report on the aims and results of this project, which is thought to be unique in its depth. Illustrated.

Surrey Houses Recorded and Dated - 2005 Edition
A list of some 4,000 buildings recorded by the DBRG, with probable dates of construction and National Grid references, arranged by parishes.

Timber-Framed Early Buildings in Surrey. A pattern for Development, c1300-1650 - Joan Harding - Trans. Ancient Monuments Soc., Vol. 37 1993
An analytical study of some 750 timber-framed houses built in Surrey before 1650, revealing five major stages of development. Illustrated.

The Smaller Brick, Stone and Weatherboard Houses of Surrey, 17th to mid 19th century - G. E. Howard 2001
An analytical study of some 450 smaller houses of Surrey which were built following the growing scarcity of timber in the early years of the 17th century. Illustrated.

Granaries in Surrey - an Obituary - Joan M. Harding, FSA, MBE 2004
19 pages, 4 maps, 16 illustrations. ISBN 0-9511553-3-4

Index of Surrey Probate Inventories 16th-19th centuries - Joan Holman & Marion Herridge 1986
An index of nearly 6,000 Probate Inventories stored in the following archives and repositories.
The index is arranged by parishes, and also by personal names.

Medieval Buildings - Peter Gray 2002
This is a comprehensive inventory of buildings with medieval characteristics in the county, excluding agricultural buildings and churches. Of the 850 buildings listed in the inventory over 700 have been reported on by the DBRG, the author or another authority. The report summaries contained in the inventory make the book an invaluable reference work to anyone studying the history of a Surrey parish. So that one parish may be placed in the wider Surrey context twenty pages of tables, maps and text set out the range of sizes of buildings discovered. This includes comments on exceptional buildings, decoration and structure, the variety of building types (including fully-floored buildings with medieval plans, detached service blocks/kitchens, one, two and three bay halls), and further research questions for the county as a whole.

Associated Publications

Four Centuries of Charlwood Houses - Joan M. Harding 1976 & 1980

Newdigate - Its History and Houses - Joan Harding & Joyce Banks 1993

- both these publication are now out of print

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