DBRG Membership Secretary
Mrs Sarah Jones
2 Court Farm Lane

(Tel: 01883 713773)

I/We wish to make application to join the Domestic Buildings Research Group (Surrey).

I/We have read the Guidelines and would be willing to abide by them.

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Subscriptions: Individual is £15.00 per year (due 1st January but those joining after 1st October do not need to pay the following year) or
Family (two people living at the same address and receiving only one mailing) is £20.00 per year.

You can make a direct payment to the charity's bank account:-

Name: DBRG (Surrey)
S/C 40 52 40
A/c No. 00007645

Alternatively you can send a cheque payable to DBRG (Surrey) to the Membership Secretary with your forms.

If you are able to let us claim Gift Aid on your subscription, could we ask that you also return a Gift Aid declaration (click here).

Our Data Privacy policy can be found on our website at To ensure we only contact you by the means you want us to, could I also ask that you return our GDPR form (click here).

These forms can be completed, scanned and emailed if you prefer.