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AuthorTitleDate of PublicationPublisher
Pam BowleyThe History of Brittains Farm in West Horsley Unknown
Pam BowleyThe History of Little Wings and Part Wings, Cranmore Lane, West Horsley Unknown
Wild, RodSurrey Barn Survey1988Unknown
Neville, RalphOld Cottage and Domestic Architecture: South West Surrey1981Billing and Sons
 Wrecclesham Farm Unknown
Gee, E. A.The Chronolgy of Crucks Unknown
Nina JenningsThe Buildings of Moorhouse1993Cumberland and Westmorland Antiquarian and Archaeo
 Archaeology and Development in Kingston Upon Thames1973Kingston upon Thames Archaeological Society
 The Royal Mills, Esher Esher District Local History Society
Sewill, Ruth; Lane, ElisabethThe Free Men of Charlwood - extract only (Slaughterwicks)1951Rose Garland Press
 Maps of Slaughterwicks Unknown
 Surrey Taxation Returne: Fifteenth and Tenths being the 1332 Assessment and subsequent Assessments to 1623 - extract only (Slaughterwicks)1932Surrey Record Society
Gover, J. E. B.; Mawer, A.; Stenton, F. M.; Bonner, ArthurThe Place-Names of Surrey - extract only (Slaughterwicks)1934Cambridge University Press
Greenwood, JeremyFullers Earth in Surrey 1500-1900 - an economic history Unknown
Anthony QuineyMedieval and Post Medieval Vernacular Architecture Building on the Past
Sykes, AudreyTentes at Oatlands and Cobham (Transcription from Henry VIII)1986Unknown
White, JohnEstimating the Age of Large Trees in Britain Research Division of the Forestry Authority
Peter SmithThe Architectural Personality of the British Isles1980Cambrian Architectural Association
Machin, RThe Lost Cottages of England1994Unknown
Locke, GeoffreyIce Houses Unknown
 Dendrochronology - Guidelines on producing and intepreting dendrochronological dates English Heritage
Harris, R.Recording Timber-Framed Buildings1994Unknown
Peter SmithSome Reflections on the Development of the Centrally-Planned House Collectanea Historica
Barbara Martin; David MartinDetached Kitchens in Eastern Sussex - a reassessment of the evidence1997Unknown
David MartinDetached Kitchens Unknown
Smith, LaurieEstablishing a Geometrical Symbol Archive Unknown
Smith, LaurieGeometrical Design in Historic Welsh Frames Unknown
Smith, LaurieTy-mawr, Castle Caereinion: deciphering the geometrical symbol Unknown
Smith, LaurieDolbelidr, Henllan: evidence of geometrical design Unknown
Smith, LaurieAbernodwydd - evidence of geometrical design Unknown
Smith, LaurieGeometrical Progressions - The Barley Barn and Wheat Barn at Cressing Temple, Essex Unknown
 DBRG Notes on Recording and Report Writing DBRG
 How to arrange a Recording Day1994Unknown
 Surrey Monocle - article on DBRG2006Surrey Monocle
 Avoncroft Museum of Buildings Unknown
 Thorncroft Rebuilding Accounts 1443-4 and 1497 Leatherhead & District Local History Society
R.W. BrunskillThe Study of Vernacular Architecture1974Unknown
 Vernacular Architecture Group Surrey: Handbook of some of Surrey's smaller pre 1750 buildings (visit in 1975)1975Vernacular Architecture Group
Smith, VictorThe London Mobilisation Centres1975London Archaeologist
 Dillington House College for Adult Education - Notes for an Exhibition of Somerset Vernacular Architecure Unknown
 A Ewell Walk Unknown
 Reigate Town Trail Unknown
 Dorking Town Trail Unknown
 Haslemere Town Trail Unknown
 Public Enquiries: Presenting the Conservation Case1971University College London
 A General Alphbet of the Old Law Hands Unknown
Alan CrockerCatteshall Mill, Godalming1976Unknown
 Features in Recording Unknown
 Recording Old Houses Unknown
Edward RobertsWilliam of Wykeham's House at East Meon, Hants1993The Royal Archaeological Institute
 North Yorkshire and Cleveland Vernacular Buildings Study Group Newsletter No 61976Unknown
Walker, John (ed)Report on Vernacular Architecture Group Tour of North America covering New England, The Delaware Valley and the Chesapeake2005Vernacular Architecture Group
Richard HarrisA true cottage - Whittaker's Cottages, Ashtead Unknown
Cooney, E. W.Eighteenth Century Britain's Missing Sawmills: A Blessing in Disguise? Unknown
Williams, DavidA Painted Inscription from 20-22 High Street, Reigate SAS
 Frocester Court & Tithe Barn Unknown
Swain, EricDivided and Galleried Hall-Houses1968Medieval Archaeology
Louw, HentieThe Mechanisation of Architectural Woodwork in Britain from the late 18th to the early 20th century; and its Practical, Social and Aestehtic Implications Part 1 - the period c1790-c18601992Construction History
Louw, HentieWindow Glass Making in Britain c. 1660 - c. 1860 and its Architecural Impact Construction History
 Maltings Unknown
Hooper, T. R.Old Bakehouse, Horley Unknown
 Number of slates required per square of 100 feet super for various sizes and laps (centre nailed) Unknown
Nail, N. H.The Brick, Tile, Stone and Slate Taxes of the last 18th and early 19th centuries Unknown
Alan CrockerAn Analysis of Accounts for Repairs to Buildings in Guildford Park in 1514 Unknown
 The Ice House at Abinger Hall Unknown
 Hascombe 1975 Unknown
Gray, PeterBuildings of Historic Interest in Frimley and Camberley2000SAS
 The Double Life of Milton Court Unum
 A Short History of Nurstead Manor Unknown
 The Mortice and Tenon1998Unknown
 Historic Buildings: Advisory Leaflet 1 Building Conservation
 Preservation & Repair of Timber Framed Buildings Advisory Leaflet 2  
 Archaeology and Development in Reigate1974The Reigate Archaeological Coordination Committee
 The Faversham Society Historic Properties on View1993The Faversham Society
 Finnes Loft - the Medieval hall at Voss Unknown
Dix, Angela E.The History of Sutton Green1994Unknown
 SPAB Technical Pamphlet 3: Chimneys in Old Buildings SPAB
Gwyn Meirion-JonesLa Maison Longue en Bretagne (II) (in French) Unknown
 SPAB Technical Pamphlet 4: Cleaning Stone and Brick SPAB
 SPAB Technical Pamphlet 5: Pointing Stone and Brick Walling SPAB
Middleton, JohnCamilla Cottage, West Humble1993Georgian Group
 SPAB Technical Pamphlet 8: the Control of Damp in Old Buildings SPAB
 SPAB Technical Pamphlet 10: The Care and Repair of Thatched Roofs SPAB
 SPAB Technical Pamphlet 11: Panel Infillings to Timber-framed Buildings SPAB
 SPAB Technical Pamphlet 12: the Repair of Timber Frames and Roofs SPAB
 SPAB Technical Pamphlet 13: the Repair of Wood Windows SPAB
 SPAB Information Sheet 1: Basic Limewash SPAB
 SPAB Information Sheet 4: The Need for Old Buildings to 'Breathe' SPAB
 SPAB Information Sheet 5: Removing Paint from Old Buildings SPAB
 SPAB Information Sheet 7: First Aid Repair to Traditional Farm Buildings SPAB
 SPAB Information Sheet 8: Tuck Pointing in Practice SPAB
 SPAB Information Sheet 9: An Introduction to Building Limes SPAB
 SPAB Information Sheet 10: Patching Old Floorboards SPAB
 SPAB Information Sheet 11: Rough Cast for Historic Buildings SPAB
Gravett, KennethSmaller Houses Under the Tudors - A Period of Transition1968Unknown
 Wealden Buildings Study Group Annual Collection of Visits to Buildings1978Unknown
Warren, JohnGreater and Lesser Gothic Roofs: A Study of the Crown-Post Roof and its Antecedants Unknown
 A Guide to Ewhurst and Ellens Green  
 Definitions: Slating and Tiling1950British Standard Code of Practice
 Repointing Durham City Council
 Roofing Tiles Information Sheet 683 The Arcitects Journal
 Pitched Roof Tiles/Clay/General Data Information Sheet 60 The Arcitects Journal
Melville, Ian A.; Gordon, Ian A.The Repair and Maintenace of Houses1979The Estates Gazettes Ltd
 The 'Severns Building' Unknown
Gravett, KennethBrookland Belfry1974Archaeologia Cantiana
 A Selection of articles on Farm Buildings from the Library of Dennis Turner 2013  
 A Selection of articles and observations on Timber Framed Houses from Dennis Turner  
 The Window Tax 1696-1851 Unknown
 Floor Malting of Barley Unknown
Edgeley, C. R.The Wind in their Sails (Post, Trestle, Smock, Bonnet and Tower types of Surrey Windmills) Unknown
 Headley, Surrey - a Brief Guide Unknown
 Discovering Guildford: St Nicholas and Guildown Unknown
 Discovering Guildford: Godlaming navigation, St. Catherine's & Artington Unknown
Williams, E. H. D.Curing Chambers and Domestic Corn Drying Kilns Unknown
 Wealden Buildings Study Group Annual Collection of Visits to Buildings1979Unknown
Sowan, Paul W.The Firestone and Hearthstone at Godstone Unknown
 Pyrports; Overbye; Ham Manor; Old Mill House and Barn; Cobham Mill; Cedar House: DBRG Notes DBRG
James WaltonThe English Stone Slaters Craft1975Folk Life
 The Investigation of Smaller Domestic Buildings1955Archaeologia Cambrensia
Gwyn Meirion-JonesThe Roof-Carpentry of Brittany - construction excluding Cruck Forms Unknown
Gwyn Meirion-JonesUn probleme d'evolution de la maison bretonne (in French) Unknown
Grosset, LeniThose Tiny Cottages1983Farnham and District Museum Society
 The Tilt - A Case for Conservation (Cobham)1979Tilt Association
 Wealden Buildings Study Group Annual Collection of Visits to Buildings1980Unknown
 Skansen Stockholm - a short guide for visitors Unknown
Gwyn Meirion-JonesThe Sunken-Floored Hut in Brittany Unknown
 Welsh Folk Museum St Fagans1970National Museum of Wales
 Nederlands Open Air Museum1977National Folk Museum
Bailey, JohnTimber Framed Buildings - a study of medieval timber framed buildings in Bedfordshire and adjoining counties1979Historic Buildings Group
 Traditional Kent Buildings No11980Kent County Council
 Notes on Two Parishes (West Horsley) Unknown
Macdonnell, EdwardDocumenting England's Heritage1982County Life
Gwyn Meirion-JonesLa Maison Longe en Bretagne (III) (in French) Unknown
Gwyn Meirion-JonesLa Maison et le Kuz Gwele en Bretagne (in French) Unknown
Gwyn Meirion-JonesLes Batiments historiques et leur conservation en Angleterre et au Pays de Gallles (in French) Unknown
Gwyn Meirion-JonesLa Maison Longue en Bretagne (I) (in French) Unknown
Yates, E. M.Vernacular Buldings on Early Maps of the Weald1982Ancient Monuments Society
 Preamble to Act 31 Eliz. 7. 1589: An Act Against Erecting and Maintaining of Cottages Unknown
 Antiquities and Conservation Areas of Surrey - Supplement 19831983Unknown
James WaltonRestorica - article on Soap Houses1983Simon Van Der Stel Foundation
 Conservation in Essex No 4: Historic Buildings Essex County Council
Gwyn Meirion-JonesOrthostat Walling in Brittany1984Antiquity
 Hints on Survey (Recording) Unknown
 Welsh Folk Museum National Museum of Wales
 Department of the Environment List of Buildings of Special Architectural Interest: Borough of Surrey Heath1984Surrey Heath Borough Council
James WaltonCharcol Burners' Huts1958Gwerin
Dunn, John F.Breaking the carpenter's code Unknown
Biddle, MartinThe Burlington Magazine: the Stuccoes of Nonsuch1984The Burlington Magazine
 Decorative Brickwork Ibstock
David C. TaylorLeonard Martin F. R. I. B. A. - A Cobham Architect1986Esher District Local History Society
 Folk Museum Guide (Ulster) Unknown
 Brick Arches Application Details Ibstock
 The Seigneurial Domestic Buildings of Brittany1983European vernacular Architecture Research Unit
Harding, JoanMedieval Vernacular Roof Trusses in Surrey Unknown
 Recording Historic Buildings - A Descriptive Specification1996Royal Commission on the Historical Monuments of En
 The Georgian Group Studies No 1: Windows Georgian Group
 The Georgian Group Studies No 2: Georgian Brickwork Georgian Group
 The Georgian Group Studies No 5: Render, Stucco and Plaster Georgian Group
 The Georgian Group Studies No 3: Georgian Doors Georgian Group
 Sources for the History of Houses1974British Records Association
Pam BowleyThe History of Lane End, Cranmore Lane, West Horsley Unknown
 Bunratty Folk Park, Ireland1990Unknown
 British Brick Society Information No 471989British Brick Society
 Analysis of the Data Recording Techniques and Requirements of the DBRG1985Brunel Univeristy
 The Brooking Collection The Building Centre
 The Brooking Collection Exhibition Catalogue: 300 Years History of the Window1986The Building Centre
David MartinMedieval Burwash Robertsbridge & District Archaeological Society
Northfield, TimTree Ring Dating - Dendrochronology Unknown
Evans, BarrieBuilding a Timber Frame the Journeyman
Pam BowleyThe History of Old Dene Cottage in East Horsley Unknown
 DBRG Prints Folder  
 Shere Village Walk 20132013 
Baker, JohnThe Seeing Eye - Box of Newspaper Cuttings Surrey Advertiser
Richard HarrisDiscovering Timber-Framed Buildings (Number 242)1979Shire Publications Ltd
Martin, Barbara; David MartinHistoric Buildings in Eastern Sussex Vol 11977The Rape of Hastings Architectural Society
Martin, Barbara; David MartinHistoric Buildings in Eastern Sussex Vol 3: Old Farm Buildings1982The Rape of Hastings Architectural Society
Martin, David Old Farm Buildings In Eastern Sussex 1450-1750 Vol 31982Rape of Hastings Architectural Society
Van Lemmen, Hans Coade Stone2008Osprey Publishing
Watts, Martin Watermills (Shire)2006Osprey Publishing
Eveleigh, David J. Firegrates And Kitchen Ranges (Shire 99)1983Osprey Publishing
 Surrey Archaeological Collections 681971Surrey Archaeological Society
 Surrey Archaeological Collections General Index Volumes 36-601972Surrey Archaeological Society
 Surrey History Volume I Number 11973Phillimore
Faulkner, P. A.Medieval Undercrofts and Town Houses1967The Royal Archaeological Institute
 Surrey Archaeological Collections 691973Surrey Archaeological Society
Vince, JohnFire Marks (Shire 2) Shire
 Surrey History Volume I Number 31975Phillimore
 Surrey Archaeological Collections 701975Surrey Archaeological Society
 Surrey History Volume I Number 41976Phillimore
Yates, E. M. (ed)Transactions of the Ancient Monuments Society Vol 211976Ancient Monuments Society
Donald John SmithDiscovering Country Crafts (Number 230)1977Shire Publications
 Surrey History Volume I Number 51977Phillimore
Vince, JohnOld Farm Tools (Shire 4) Shire
Iredale, DavidDiscovering Your Old House (Number 14)1977Shire
 Surrey History Volume II Number 11978Phillimore
Shirley ToulsonDiscovering Farm Museums And Farm Parks (Number 229)1977Shire Publications
Jacqueline FearnThatch And Thatching (Shire 16)1985Shire Pubns
K. KlibyVillage Cooper (Shire 28)1983Shire Publications
 Inventory of Ironmaster in Rotherfield (Richard Maynard) 16201979The Sussex Geneologist and Local Historian
 Surrey History Volume II Number 21980Phillimore
 Surrey Archaeological Collections 721980Surrey Archaeological Society
 Surrey History Volume II Number 31981Phillimore
 Surrey History Volume II Number 41982Phillimore
Webb, CliffCalendar of the Surrey Portion of the Free and Voluntary Present to Charles II 1661-21982West Surrey Family History Society
 Surrey History Volume II Number 51983Phillimore
Webb, CliffIndex of Surrey Wills and Administrations - Commissary and Peculiar Courts 1752-18581983West Surrey Family History Society
John McCannClay And Cob Building (Shire 105)1983Shire Publications, Limited
Christopher PowellCottage Architecture (Number 275)1984Shire Publications Ltd
 Staines Excavations1976Surrey Archaeological Society
 Surrey Archaeological Collections 751984Surrey Archaeological Society
 Southwark Excavations I1972Surrey Archaeological Society
 Southwark Excavations II1972Surrey Archaeological Society
 Surrey Archaeological Collections 761985Surrey Archaeological Society
J.E.C. PetersDiscovering Traditional Farm Buildings (Number 262)1981Shire
 North Yorkshire and Cleveland Vernacular Buildings Study Group Newsletter No. 141986Unknown
 Surrey History Volume III Number 31986Phillimore
Glenys CrockerThe Gunpowder Industry (Shire 160)1986Shire
H.G. MullerBaking And Bakeries (Shire 156)2009Shire
Jocelyn BaileyThe Village Wheelwright And Carpenter (Shire 11)1977Shire Publications
 Surrey Archaeological Collections 771986Surrey Archaeological Society
 Southwark Excavations III1979Surrey Archaeological Society
 Surrey Archaeological Collections 791989Surrey Archaeological Society
 The Local Historian Volume 23 No 41993BALH
Richard FilmerHops And Hop Picking1982Shire
Jeremy HaslamEarly Medieval Towns In Britain, C 700 To 1140 (Shire)1985Shire
David HallMedieval Fields (Shire)1982Shire Publications
Crocker, Glenys (ed)A Guide To The Industrial Archaeology Of Surrey1990Association for Industrial Archaeology
 Surrey Archaeological Collections 801990Surrey Archaeological Society
David RobinsonPastors, Parishes And People In Surrey1989Phillimore
Maurice LovettBrewing And Breweries (Shire 72)1981Shire
 The Local Historian Volume 25 No 11995BALH
 The Local Historian Volume 24 No 21994BALH
Harding, JoanTimber-Framed Early Buildings in Surrey. A pattern for development c.1300-16501993Ancient Monuments Society
Tim BuxbaumIcehouses (Shire 278)2008Shire Publications Ltd
 The Local Historian Volume 23 No 21993BALH
 The Local Historian Volume 24 No 11994BALH
 The Local Historian Volume 24 No 31994BALH
 The Local Historian Volume 25 No 31995BALH
 Surrey Archaeological Collections 821994Surrey Archaeological Society
Jocelyn BaileyThe Village Blacksmith (Shire 24)1980Shire Publications
John AnthonyDiscovering Period Gardens (Number 129)1992Shire
Brian K. RobertsVillage Plans (Shire)1982Shire
 The Journal of the Yorkshire Vernacular Buildings Study Group No 251997Unknown
Iredale, DavidDiscovering Local History (Number 158)1973Shire
John JanawaySurrey Privies1999Countryside Books
 The Journal of the Yorkshire Vernacular Buildings Study Group No 271999Unknown
 The Journal of the Yorkshire Vernacular Buildings Study Group No 282000Unknown
Peter Hansell FRCP FRPS; Jean HansellDovecotes (Shire 213)1988Shire
J. Kenneth MajorAnimal-Powered Machines (Shire 128)2008Shire Publications Ltd
 Surrey History Volume III Number 21985Phillimore
Clive Rouse, E.Discovering Wall Paintings 1971Shire
Bailey, Graham; Barbara HuttonCrown Post Roofs in Hertfordshire1966Hertfordshire Local History Council
 The Journal of the Yorkshire Vernacular Buildings Study Group No 292001Unknown
 Ancient Monuments Society Transactions Volume 351991Ancient Monuments Society
 Surrey History Volume VI Number 32001Phillimore
 The Journal of the Yorkshire Vernacular Buildings Study Group No 302002Unknown
Vince, JohnDiscovering Watermills (Number 80)1984Shire Publications
Vince, JohnDiscovering Windmills (Number 13)1987Shire
Martin WattsWater And Wind Power (Shire)2008Shire
Martin WattsWindmills (Shire Album)2006Shire Publications Ltd
C.G. PowellStables And Stable Blocks (Shire 261)1991Shire
Anthony EmeryMedieval Houses (Shire)2007Shire Publications Ltd
 Surrey Archaeological Collections 882001Surrey Archaeological Society
 Surrey Archaeological Collections 872000Surrey Archaeological Society
 Surrey Archaeological Collections 861999Surrey Archaeological Society
 Surrey Archaeological Collections 851998Surrey Archaeological Society
 Surrey Archaeological Collections 781987Surrey Archaeological Society
 Surrey Archaeological Collections 841997Surrey Archaeological Society
 Surrey Archaeological Collections 811991Surrey Archaeological Society
 The Local Historian Volume 30 No 32000BALH
 Surrey Archaeological Collections 902003Surrey Archaeological Society
 The Journal of the Yorkshire Vernacular Buildings Study Group Annual Report No 231995Unknown
 Surrey History Volume VI Number 42002Phillimore
 Surrey History Volume V Number 31996Phillimore
 Surrey History Volume IX2010SAS
 Surrey History Volume V Number 21995Phillimore
 Surrey History Volume V Number 11994Phillimore
 Surrey History Volume IV Number 41992Phillimore
 Surrey History Volume IV Number 11989Phillimore
 Surrey History Volume VII2009SAS
 Surrey History Volume VII Number 52008Phillimore
 Surrey History Volume VII Number 42007Phillimore
 Surrey History Volume VII Number 32006Phillimore
 Surrey History Volume VII Number 22005Phillimore
 Surrey History Volume V Number 51998Phillimore
 Surrey History Volume V Number 41997Phillimore
 Surrey History Volume VI Number 11999Phillimore
 The Journal of the Yorkshire Vernacular Buildings Study Group Annual Report No 241996Unknown
 Yorkshire Vernacular Buildings Study Group Newsletter No 271988Unknown
 The Local Historian Volume 30 No 12000BALH
 The Local Historian Volume 29 No 41999BALH
 The Local Historian Volume 29 No 31999BALH
 The Local Historian Volume 29 No 21999BALH
 The Local Historian Volume 29 No 11999BALH
 The Local Historian Volume 28 No 31998BALH
 The Local Historian Volume 28 No 21998BALH
 The Local Historian Volume 28 No 11998BALH
 The Local Historian Volume 27 No 41997BALH
 The Local Historian Volume 27 No 31997BALH
 The Local Historian Volume 27 No 21997BALH
 The Local Historian Volume 27 No 11997BALH
 The Local Historian Volume 26 No 41996BALH
 The Local Historian Volume 26 No 31996BALH
 The Local Historian Volume 26 No 21996BALH
 The Local Historian Volume 26 No 11996BALH
 The Local Historian Volume 23 No 31993BALH
 The Local Historian Volume 38 No 32008BALH
 The Local Historian Volume 38 No 42008BALH
 The Local Historian Volume 40 No 32010BALH
 The Local Historian Volume 40 No 42010BALH
 The Local Historian Volume 41 No 32011BALH
 The Local Historian Volume 42 No 12012BALH
 London & Middlesex Archeological Society Transactions Volume 371986Museum of London
 London & Middlesex Archeological Society Transactions Volume 381987Museum of London
 The Local Historian Volume 36 No 12006BALH
 The Local Historian Volume 35 No 42005BALH
 The Local Historian Volume 35 No 12005BALH
 The Local Historian Volume 34 No 32004BALH
 The Local Historian Volume 33 No 42003BALH
 The Local Historian Volume 37 No 32007BALH
 The Local Historian Volume 37 No 22007BALH
 The Local Historian Volume 37 No 12007BALH
 The Local Historian Volume 36 No 42006BALH
 The Local Historian Volume 36 No 22006BALH
 The Local Historian Volume 39 No 12009BALH
 The Local Historian Volume 38 No 22008BALH
 The Local Historian Volume 38 No 12008BALH
 The Local Historian Volume 40 No 22010BALH
 The Local Historian Volume 40 No 12010BALH
 The Local Historian Volume 41 No 12011BALH
 The Local Historian Volume 41 No 22011BALH
 The Local Historian Volume 37 No 42007BALH
 The Local Historian Volume 41 No 42011BALH
 Surrey History Volume X2011SAS
 Surrey Archaeological Collections 962011Surrey Archaeological Society]
 The Local Historian Volume 42 No 22012BALH
 The Local Historian Volume 42 No 42012BALH
 Surrey History Volume XI2012SAS
 The Local Historian Volume 43 No 12013BALH
 The Local Historian Volume 43 No 22013BALH
 Surrey Archaeological Collections 972013SAS
 Surrey History Volume XII2013SAS
 The Local Historian Volume 43 No 32013BALH
 The Local Historian Volume 43 No 42013BALH
 The Local Historian Volume 44 No 12013BALH
 The Local Historian Volume 44 No 22014BALH
 The Local Historian Volume 39 No 42009BALH
 The Local Historian Volume 39 No 22009BALH
 The Local Historian Volume 31 No 12001BALH
 The Local Historian Volume 24 No 41994BALH
 Historic Buildings in Essex Issue 41988Essex Historic Buildings Group
 Historic Buildings in Essex Issue 31986Essex Historic Buildings Group
 Historic Buildings in Essex Issue 51990Essex Historic Buildings Group
 Historic Buildings in Essex Issue 71993Essex Historic Buildings Group
 Historic Buildings in Essex Issue 61992Essex Historic Buildings Group
 The Journal of the Yorkshire Vernacular Buildings Study Group No 261998Unknown
Martin, David; Martin, BarbaraDomestic Building in the Eastern High Weald 1300-1750 Part I Wall Construction Vol 51985Rape of Hastings Architectural Society
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 Historic Buildings in Eastern Sussex Vol 1 No 6 19801980Rape of Hastings Architectural Society
 Historic Buildings in Eastern Sussex Vol 2 No 2 19811981Rape of Hastings Architectural Society
 Historic Buildings in Eastern Sussex Vol 3 No 1 19821982Rape of Hastings Architectural Society
 Historic Buildings in Eastern Sussex Vol 3 No 2 19821982Rape of Hastings Architectural Society
 Historic Buildings in Eastern Sussex Vol 3 No 3 19821982Rape of Hastings Architectural Society
 Historic Buildings in Eastern Sussex Vol 3 No 4 19821982Rape of Hastings Architectural Society
 Historic Buildings in Eastern Sussex Vol 3 No 5 19821982Rape of Hastings Architectural Society
 Historic Buildings in Eastern Sussex Vol 3 No 6 19821982Rape of Hastings Architectural Society
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