When visiting properties, either to record them or on one of our organised group visits, we need to ensure that we do not transgress on the good-will of the owners. Over the years we have developed the following 'ground-rules', which all our members are expected to follow.
We also remind our members that our insurance policy covers them against 'Third party' risks but not against 'personal accident'.

1 We do not enter anyone's property without being invited to do so, and we leave the house and garden as we found them. We do not bring dogs onto a property without permission and, even if that is given, the dog must be kept on a lead and never taken into the house.

2 Inside the house we behave as visitors and go only where a visitor would expect to go. If we wish to go elsewhere we ask permission before doing so.

3 We only take photographs after asking permission to do so.

4 We are concerned only with the structure of the house, and we do not note or comment on its contents unless asked to do so, nor do we discuss them with anyone else.

5 During a recording visit we try to create the minimum of interference with the privacy of its inhabitants. However if they are interested in the progress of our work and any conclusions that we come to, we discuss this with them.

6 We do not approach the owner to offer any personal service, and membership must never be used as a means of obtaining business or for gaining access to property for any official purpose. Those of us who have any relevant professional or other qualifications do not stress these.

7 We do not give advice on any aspect of the structure of a house, nor do we recommend the services of any particular person or body. However we do have a list of official and other bodies from which information and advice can be obtained.


©DBRG February 2003