Summary of DBRG reports on buildings in Surrey.

Original nature:

pre MedMedi'valTudorElizab'nJacobeanRest'n18th cent19th cent20th cent UndatedTotal
Other farm buildings02213125652021149
Other usages51615510108084418247

     pre Mediaevalpre 1400     Mediaeval1375-1550     Tudor1500-1600
     Elizabethan1550-1610     Jacobean1590-1660     Restoration1640-1725

The Surrey Dendrochronology Project found that the earliest probable date of construction of a building
which we have recorded is c1254 Forge Cottage,Dunsfold.
The Project also found that the Great Oak Door, St Peter's Church,Old Woking
(not recorded by us) dates from 1106-1138.
We believe only 3 church doors in England are considered to be of earlier dates -
The 'Pyx' door at Westminster Abbey; St Batholomews at Hadstock, Essex; and
the 'Gundulf' Door at Rochester Cathedral.
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