11 buildings recorded in the parish of Wormley (Witley)

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Box Cottage [Sandhills] E19c SU941381
Lilac Cottage L18c SU948378
Originally a single bay, single cell structure.
Redlands L17c SU942380
- Farm buildings 19c SU942380
- Granary 18c SU942380
Tigbourne Farm 14c SU956377
Three bays remain from an ancient hall house with low walls and a towering steeply pitched roof.
- Granary 18c SU956377
- North Barn 17c SU956377
5 bay boarded barn with porch & added outshot. Clasped purlins with raking queen struts. Gabled one end,half-hipped the other.
- South Barn L16c SU956377
4 bay boarded barn. Half-hipped,clasped purlin roof with raking queen struts.
Tudor Cottage c1500 SU947381
Tudor Cottage,Roke Lane c1550 SU947402

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