73 buildings recorded in the parish of Woking

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Beldam Bridge Farm 17c SU955606
Brookwood Farmhouse 16c SU977585
16c three bay farm house, possibly smoke bay
Bull Lane Cottages L15c TQ007540
Late 15c two bay house now set sideways to 17c three bay house
No.3 Church Cottages 16c TQ021569
Single storey 16c outbuilding with lofts converted to dwelling after 1841
No.1 Church Cottages M15c TQ020568
Mid 15th century crosswing of long demolished hall house with 19c second gable extension.
The Cottage, Westfield Common 17c TQ005566
Much added to and altered 17c cottage
Cox's Farmhouse c1550 SU999539
- Barn 16c TQ000539
Five bay timber framed barn with middle bay entrance
Crastock Manor E17c SU978556
Three bay central chimney house with later two bay cross wing
Cripplegate Cottage L15c SU991580
Late 15c open hall timber framed house originally with four bays
Crofters Cottage E18c TQ004591
Crosslanes Farm & April Cottage L15c TQ002577
Mediaeval two bay hallhouse with additional solar bay
Dunmore Cottage M16c SU988562
Mid 16c cottage with19c and 20c extensions
Ellis Farm E16c TQ001562
Three bay hall house with added two bay wing and facade changed to South
Elmbridge Cottage L15c TQ006575
Three bay mediaeval house with internal jetty
Fishers Hill Cottage 1907 SU976565
Forge Cottage L18c TQ010573
Frog Lane Farm L16c TQ003548
Three bay 16c smoke bay house with 17c and 18c additions
- Granary 19c TQ003548
Nos.80/82 High Street E18c TQ014569
Early 18th century end chimney house
Hoe Bridge Farm - Barn I 17c TQ021575
17th century asymmetrical barn
- Barn II M17c TQ021575
17th century stable and 18th century office joined in 19th century to form complete barn
Hoe Place L17c TQ021576
- Ice House 18c TQ019576
Egg-shaped brick ice house with domed roof,cylindrical bottom,S.W. dogleg entrance passage,in rising ground
- Outbuildings L18c TQ020576
Howards Farm L16c TQ009574
High quality 3½ bay central smoke bay house
Hunts Farm M15c SU996561
Mid 15c three bay timber framed farmhouse with 17c face wing.
- Barn 16c SU995541
Original quality thatched 16th century five bay barn now reduced to four bays and tiled
Ivy Cottage L16c SU989562
Late 16th century smoke bay house
Lady Grove Farmhouse E17c TQ006538
Two bay house with two forward wings,formerly North facing, now South
Langmans c1538 SU986584
Original five bay smoke bay mid 16th century open hall house (now four bays)
Laurel Cottage L16c TQ009573
Original four bay central smoke bay 16C house with one bay demolished
Littlewood Cottage L16c SU996551
End smoke bay house. Smoke bay demolished in 17th century and back hearth room added
Lower Westfield Farm L16c TQ007553
Late 16c timber framed farmhouse, now brick encased
- Barn 19c TQ007553
Timber framed barn,but machine sawn timber suggests 19c origin
- Stable 18c TQ007553
Much repaired square 18c stable
Manor Cottage 1789 TQ014584
Moor Lane Farm - Barn L17c TQ009561
Nine bay timber framed 17c barn
Oak House E16c TQ004539
Two bay hall house with later added bay
The Old Cottage, No.46 Park Road M16c TQ014584
Smoke bay house with later inserted chimney
The Old Cottage High Street,Old Woking E16c TQ012569
Four bay house with open hall and part floored
The Old Cottage, College Lane E17c SU993576
The Old Gardens E17c SU971567
Much altered two bay, smoke hood, early 17c cottage with later additions
The Old House Old Woking Road 1625 TQ021570
Early brick farmhouse of 2 storeys. T-plan.Central chimney,lateral chimney in wing.Part of the house originally used for non-domestic purposes.
The Old House Cottage 17c TQ021571
Brick encased timber framed house,originally an outbuilding of the adjacent farmhouse
Old Manor House M16c TQ018569
16c timber framed house encased in brick with added 17c cross wing
The Old Oak Cottage L16c TQ008569
Two bay cottage with wattle and daub remains of smoke hood
The Old Post Office L16c TQ007545
16c possibly smoke bay house
Old Stable Cottage L18c SU983576
The Orchard E19c TQ017583
Nos.1/2 Park Farm Cottages L16c TQ030572
Ramwick Cottage L16c TQ010587
Smoke bay house,originally thatched,with several later builds
Reidonhurst 1600 SU958586
Two brick-clad timber framed bays remain of original house, attached to brick Victorian house
Roundhill Cottage L16c TQ019578
16c two bay with added side bay and 17c central chimney house
St Mark's Church (former school) 1849 TQ004567
Stable Cottage M19c SU983576
Sunhill Farm Cottage M16c SU994562
16c timber framed cottage with subsequent brick encasing
Sunhill Farm - Cowhouse 18c SU994562
18c derelict barn with weather boarding
Sunhill House E16c SU994562
Early 16c open hall house with outbuilding subsequently incorporated into single house
Sutton Green House L16c TQ007544
Late 16c central smoke bay house with later additions
Tor House E19c TQ017587
Vine Cottage L16c TQ005538
Late 16th century two bay smoke hood house much extended in later years
Walnut Tree Cottage M17c TQ002563
Original four bay house with original end bays replaced by brick
White House Farm now Lee Place E17c TQ003554
Early 17c gabled timber framed house now hipped
- Barn E17c TQ003554
Original three bay barn,now of seven bays
- Old Barn & Granary E16c TQ003554
Tiny early 16th century barn with added store and granary
White Rose Farm E16c TQ014578
A four bay house with suspended upper floor over one bay
- Barn 18c TQ015579
5 bay boarded barn on a low brick cill. Gabled,clasped purlin roof with queen struts.
- Granary 18c TQ015579
Woking Park Farm - Barn 17c TQ030572
Original 17c barn much repaired in 19c and later
- Barn 1808 TQ030572
19c five bay barn
- Cart Shed E19c TQ030572
Early 19c four bay barn
Wylde Green L18c SU985576

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