78 buildings recorded in the parish of Westcott

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Balchins Stores L17c TQ142487
A late 17c brick built central chimney house converted to a shop.
Bay Tree Cottage L17c TQ139485
A 2 bay stone & brick cottage with outside chimney.
Brook Farm c1407 TQ143472
A substantial 4 bay hall house with, unusually, nothing above the midrail in the truss to the service bay.
- Barn E19c TQ143472
4 bay boarded threshing barn on low stone cill. Gabled,clasped purlin roof with collars & queen struts. Machine cut timbers.
Bury Hill - Ice House 18c TQ150484
Bushy Plat E17c TQ139492
A 2 bay timber framed cottage with end framed smoke hood later converted into chimney.
- Privy ? TQ140493
Churtgate House E17c TQ133484
An early 17c stone wing to the later replacement of a possible mediaeval house.
Coombe Farm - Cart Shed 1857 TQ127490
- Big Barn 17c TQ127490
7 bay boarded barn with half-hipped queen strut roof & large porch.
- Lower Aisled Barn L17c TQ127490
2 bay boarded barn with aisle on one side. Gabled clasped purlin roof with raking queen struts.
- 2 North Barns [demolished] L17c TQ127490
6 bay boarded barn on high brick cill. Half-hipped roof.
Crooked Acre M16c TQ149485
A 3 bay timber framed house with framed smoke hood & added parlour wing.
The Crown 17c TQ143486
A 3 bay timber framed central chimney house, now bricked and gabled.
Danehurst M16c TQ143474
A 4 bay timber framed smoke bay house with brick skin and added central chimney.
Florence [Florents] Farm 16c TQ141477
A 2 bay timber framed central smoke bay house with added cross wing, now all stone clad.
Heathcote & Skeynes House 19c TQ145488
Hill Farm House M16c TQ138484
A 2½ bay central smoke bay house now concealed in long low Georgian brick house.
Hill House M19c TQ140485
A double fronted stone, flint faced, house with later additions.
Hillside L18c TQ137484
A 2 storey symmetrical gable ended Georgian brick house with later decorative features.
Holly Cottage 17c TQ141485
A 2 bay timber framed cottage with double outside chimney and modern additions.
Ivy Cottage 1730 TQ144486
Two adjoining brick cottages with tiled roofs, adapted to form one dwelling.
Jasmine Cottage L18c TQ142487
Late 18c double pile clapper-boarded house completed in early 19c.
Keepers Cottage L18c TQ150483
Two/three bay 2 storey timber framed estate cottage, later 'Victorianised'.
Kingscote E17c TQ139487
A timber framed 2 bay early 17th century house with back chimney.
Little Waters, now Little Brook 16c TQ149486
A much altered open hall house with remains of original roof.
The Lodge,Westcott Street 19c TQ138488
Logmore Farm c1464 TQ140467
A fine 3 bay open hall house (of which 2 were open). The West front now being bricked.
Lower Springfield Farm c1539 TQ138489
A fine 4 bay hall house with rich hall features but with a type of roof usually later.
- Stable[demolished] ? TQ138489
- Granary & Cartshed 19c TQ138489
The Malthouse c1550 TQ149487
Mile House Farm E17c TQ159474
A 2 bay, 2½ storey stone farmhouse with 2 outside diamond chimney stacks and later additions.
- Barn L18c TQ159474
4 bay boarded barn on high brick cill. Re-roofed with gables.
- Stable 18c TQ159474
The Mill (deed of recovery 15 L18c TQ137487
A water mill with overshot wheel driven by outside sluice. Machinery removed and modernising added.
Mill Cottage 17c TQ143471
One storey 2 bay cottage with end chimney and outshot, now modernised.
Milton Brook Cottage L18c TQ151490
A Grade II listed building in late 18th century 'Gothick" style.
Milton Court Farm - Barn 1 19c TQ150493
5 bay boarded timber framed barn with half-hipped roof.
- Barn 2 19c TQ150493
4 bay barn with tiled,gabled,clasped purlin roof. Brick plinth.
- Granary [converted] 19c TQ150493
- Stable 19c TQ150493
Milton Farm 17c TQ147487
A 2½ bay timber framed central chimney farmhouse with added parlour and kitchen wings.
- Small Barn 18c TQ148487
Small,almost square,boarded barn with replaced roof. One bay floored.
Nos.3/4 Milton Street M17c TQ149484
A 17th century 2 bay timber framed cottage with added parlour wing, now divided into two.
No.5 Milton Street M17c TQ148485
A timber framed central chimney house with original back kitchen wing,all now modernised.
No.6 Milton Street 17c TQ149485
A 2 bay originally timber framed cottage, later bricked over & decorated as a "Cottage Ornee".
Mount Tavy Cottage L18c TQ145487
A brick built 18th century cottage with added south wing.
The Old Barracks E15c TQ139487
Originally a 2 bay open hall house with added parlour wing, now converted into two dwellings.
Old Bury Hill Gardens 18c TQ148487
The Old Cottage 1608 TQ142470
A 2 bay timber framed cottage with gabled tiled roof and end chimney.
The Old House E19c TQ142486
A double pile brick Georgian house with 20th century additions.
The Old Mill House 18c TQ137488
Originally a 2½ storey timber framed building converted to a Georgian residence.
- Privy ? TQ137488
Penny Cottage 16c TQ144487
A small timber framed house with central smoke bay now replaced by chimney.
The Pound ? TQ141486
The Pound ? TQ141486
Robin Cottage E17c TQ143486
A 2 bay timber framed house with outside chimney, now with brick additions at both ends.
Rokefield - Ice House 19c TQ137490
Rookery Farm M15c TQ134485
A brick Queen Anne house with mansard roof, containing remains of an open hall house.
Rookery Hill Farm - Granary L18c TQ133482
The Rookery - Ice House 19c TQ131479
No.52 St John's Road 1865 TQ143489
One of a pair of boarded cottages with central chimney stack.
Sandrock Cottage M17c TQ135484
A 3 bay timber framed house with double outside end chimney & modern additions.
Nos.1/4 Spring Cottages M19c TQ139488
A terrace of 4 small brick cottages with outside privies.
Springfield House c1825 TQ141494
A classic 3 storeyed stuccoed Regency villa with slate roof & central porch.
Springs 17c? TQ132482
A timber framed brick clad cottage with end chimney & back wing.
Squires Farm 16c TQ143464
A 3 bay 2 storey timber framed house with end smoke bay, now with modern additions.
Stowe Maries c1572 TQ135488
A 4 bay continuous jetty central smoke bay house, with 20c additions.
Taw & Tawside Cottages M16c TQ134487
Originally a 3 bay timber framed open hall house with internal jetty, now divided into 2 brick built cottages.
Tile House L18c TQ139487
A lightly timber framed 2 bay cottage with end chimney & 1 added bay.
The Trinity, Nos. 12/13/14 Milton street c1800 TQ149486
A terrace of 3 brick built estate cottages, 2 of which have been turned into one.
The Twitten M19c TQ145487
A 2 room 2 storey brick built cottage built in the 19th century.
Wallflower Cottage L17c TQ145487
A 2 bay timber framed cottage with double outside chimney.
No.2 Westcott Street E19c TQ139487
One of a row of 4 rat-trap bond brick built cottages with hipped slate roof.
The White House E18c TQ142486
A rendered brick 4 bay house with end chimneys, probably built c1700, with Georgian improvements.
Wintershaw c1740 TQ139487
Originally a flat fronted brick house with a second pile and back wing added.
Wyvern 17c TQ149486
A 2½ bay timber framed cottage with central chimney, now brick clad.

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