97 buildings recorded in the parish of Thursley

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Badgers M18c SU900397
A symmetrical 18c cottage of brick with stone footings.
Bears Barn L17c SU902396
A 3 bay building - which may originally have been a barn - with L17c features. Renovated 20c (1977).
Bedford Farmhouse c1600 SU906384
Interesting building retains many original features - 5 bays, Georgian wing added, faces East.
Blackhanger Farm c1550 SU905376
A 4 bay central smoke bay house.
- Barn E16c SU904376
There is an added 2 storey bay at the east end and is typically built for lap-boarding.
Bowlhead Green Farm E16c SU926382
A mediaeval 3 bay open hall house - the central bay open to the roof.
- Barn E18c SU916381
Four bay boarded barn - half hipped tiled roof.
- Granary & Cartshed E18c SU916382
This unusual 4 bay timber framed building is a cartshed below and a granary over
Boxalls c1600 SU901393
A 2-unit end smokebay house with chimney inserted into the smokebay. Vine Cottage later built as brick crosswing at smokebay end.
Bridle Cottage and Lionacre E17c SU908396
Central chimney timber framed house,now brick faced, incorporates a stone barn. Together with the adjoining "Lionacre" once formed "The Red Lion"
Brook Cottage L18c SU895397
A symmetrical "Cottage Ornee" of stone with brick quoins and brick drip mouldings above the windows.
Chapel Cottage M19c SU926383
Appears to be a Georgian cottage of a double pile plan.
The Corner E18c SU902397
A stone and brick fronted cottage built as one room and one room over, with many later additions.
Cosford Mill M16c SU903395
A 2 bay timber framed smoke bay house with Georgian additions and 18c stone mill wing attached.
- Bakehouse M16c SU903396
A stone bulding with brick quoins - built into the sloping hillside.
Creedhole Farm c1617 SU905364
A fine example of a 3½ bay central chimney house originally, with a rear stair turret.
- Barn L18c SU907363
A 3 bay barn built at right-angles to the farm house, to one side.
- Bothy L18c SU907365
A 2 bay shelter in front of the farm house, originally open at bothe ends.
Dame School L18c SU902394
A little boarded building set partly within the churchyard - used as a garden shed.
Dye House M18c SU896398
An L-shaped brick house,2 storeys,attics & cellar - both limbs have been widened & lengthened in several stages.
- Barn 18c SU896398
Wide 3 aisled barn of 3 bays, open at both ends, and an added 4th bay. Outer walls are stone with brick quoins.
- Cottage 18c SU896398
Groundplan has 2 rectangular buildings at an angle of 125 degrees.
- Gazebo L18c SU896398
An octagonal building laid in random bond on brick topped plinth. The conical roof surmounted by a moulded finial.
- Granary L17c SU896398
A well built 2 bay 1½ storeys granary, set on stone mushroom straddles. Handturned mill upstairs.
Emley Farm c1550 SU908378
There are two builds - one c1550 and one E17c, 2 big barns and a cattleshed.
- Cattle Shed 17c SU908377
This cattle shed with hay loft has 17c framing and 18/19c roof.
- Granary 17c SU908378
A 2 bay 17c boarded granary is set on nine stone straddles.
- South Barn 17c SU908378
This 17c barn had 5 bays, extended to 6 bays in 19c.
- West Barn 18c SU908377
A threshing barn with 5 bays on a brick & stone plinth.
Forge Cottage L16c SU916382
Built as a 3 bay timber framed smoke bay house.
Foundry Cottage c1630 SU894326
2 bay central chimney house with later additions.
Frith Cottage E15c SU917384
3 bay mediaeval hall with long sagging passing beams and a crown post roof.
Garth Cottage E18c SU902396
A 2 storey 18c stone cottage.
- Bothy L18c SU902396
A stone building of 2 bays built in front of Garth Cottage.
Gnome Cottage M18c SU894371
2 storey stone cottage of one room and outshot.. External end chimney.
Halnacker Cottage L16c SU908374
A 3 bay timber framed house before chimneys - end smoke bay - there are additions on both west and east (later) ends.
Nos.1/2 Hatch Cottages M17c SU902393
The cottages share a reconstructed small central chimney house. Stone with brick quoins.
- Large Barn 19c SU902393
4 bay low building with nailed joists & ridge piece.
- Small Barn L18c SU902393
3 bays,brick and stone walls,raking queen struts with ridge board. Hipped one end, half-hipped the other.
Heath Hall E19c SU917387
A Regency country house,square plan,back wing,three stories.
Heath View E19c SU908396
A symmetrical early 19c villa rendered stucco - on the coach road between Milford abd Hindhead.
Hedge Farm - East wing c1468 SU897388
A 2 bay wing of a mediaeval farmhouse (now next to a later build) cut back at one end.
Highcombe Farm formerly Highcomb M18c SU893365
A four bay central chimney stone building.
Hill Farm c1500 SU900393
A 4 bay timber framed hall house - late mediaeval - refurbished E18c,brick.
- Barn L16c SU901393
A splendid 3 bay threshing barn - opposite the church
- Smaller Barn originally a house 16c SU902393
A farm storage building, built as a timber framed mediaeval house - 2 bays with internal jetty.
- Stone Barn L18c SU901394
A 4 bay stone building with unusual walling with bricks 7 rows under the wallplate. Probably originally a stable with hayloft over.
Hole Farm L16c SU908384
A 4 bay farmhouse in excellent state of preservation,surrounded by its meadows.
- Barn & Milking Parlour 16c SU908382
This 3 bay barn has stout jowl posts of a mediaeval barn with unequal braces in the framing.
Horn Cottage E17c SU897398
A 3 bay cottage,originally timber framed - smaller end bay shows roofing 2 storeys high.
Houndown E18c SU892397
A gamekeeper's cottage, a rendered over symmetrical brick cottage with a central entrance. A brick house added at right angles.
Keepers Cottage L16c SU889375
3 bay end smoke bay house with many original features
Lilac Cottage M18c SU917382
A 2 room plan Georgian brick cottage with hipped roof.
Lionacre and Bridle Cottage E18c SU908396
2 storey brick house which,together with the adjoining Bridle Cottage,once formed "The Red Lion" hostelry.
The Lodge 18c SU901394
A T-shaped Georgian brick house of 2 storeys & cellar, with chimney outside at each end. Much use of black headers. Flemish & English bond.
Lower Highfield Farm E17c SU898385
An unusual 17c building of 2 storeys with 18c features.
- Barn M19c SU897385
4 bay threshing barn has a large bay one side and 2 smaller on the other.
- Granary L18c SU897385
The granary is in front of the farmhouse, with its door facing the front door of the house.
- Well House L18c SU898385
The well is set under a pyramid cover which just takes a large wheel for raising the bucket.
Lower House formerly Bryn Manor Lodge L16c SU920387
3 bay timber framed house with a smaller smoke bay at the East end.
Oak Cottage 18c SU900396
2 storey Bargate stone cottage, probably 18c, at end of a row. See also DBRG 1774.
The Old Parsonage c1411 SU902393
A 4 bay hall house with a fine unusual,Hampshire style,crown strut roof still visible in the hall.
The Old Post House 17c SU916382
17c 3 bay timber framed house built in the centre of Bowlhead Green. Straight tension braces in the front framing.
Old Potters L17c SU892394
4 bay,1¼ storey, building with floored attic. Next to it is a brick kiln.
The Olde Hall E17c SU901396
A long timber framed end chimney house of several builds. A central 3 bay core with end chimney inside.
- Barn 17c SU901396
A little 2 bay barn open to farmyard - not at the end.
Pax Cottage L16c SU900396
An end smoke bay cottage. Others (see notes) added at right angles later.
Pitch Place Farm House L16c SU892392
A 6 bay timber framed house with 2 backing smoke bays in the middle.
- Barn E18c SU892391
The barn has 3 unequal sized bays - the largest to the west. Now used as an exhibition centre.
- Granary 18c SU891391
A 2 bay Georgian lap-boarded building set on 12 straddles.
Pitlands Farm formerly Punchbowl Farm M16c SU896383
Retains 3 bays of an old timber framed house.
- Cart Shed 18c SU896383
3 bay single storey building set on a wood cill on stone footings.
- Well House M16c SU896382
This structure is only 4 metres from the corner of the house - open along one end.
Price's Cottage E18c SU893368
Single storey cottage of one room & back chimney which became 3 dwellings and upper floor; much added to.
Ridgeway Farm - Hall range c1436 SU894386
3 bays remain from a 4 bay hall house, one of which is a 'pseudo cross wing', the whole having many fine features.
Ridgeway Farm - Kitchen wing c1627 SU894386
A 2½ bay,chimney bay,kitchen wing built onto the old house; it may possibly have had a smoke bay originally.
Sawyers L18c SU901398
2 storey house with a cellar. Groundfloor brick. Several changes and additions.
Shepherds Cottage L16c SU900397
A 3 bay smoke bay house,with hearth in the end bay,situated on an old way.
Silkmill Cottages M17c SU917408
A dignified miller's house which retains many original features.
Smallbrook Farm E15c SU894394
Possibly a Wealden Yeoman's house,now walled in stone,massive timbers,all rafters smoke blackened.
- Barn c1500 SU894394
A 4 bay mediaeval barn,originally wattle & daubed.
St. Michaels Church L15c SU901303
Framed tower inserted in centre of church, mouldings suggest L15/E16c. Spire rebuilt 18c. Remarkable.
Street House E19c SU901396
A symmetric Regency villa stuccoed over & with projecting eaves. Important position at the head of the street.
Sunset Cottage E16c SU902395
A 4 bay mediaeval open hall house adapted for a smoke bay,when hall was partially floored over.
- Barn 19c SU902394
A 3 bay barn set up against the street and parallel to it.
Three Horse Shoes L16c SU903393
A Victorian stone house built in front of a L16c timber framed central smoke bay cottage. Brick quoins.
Upper Highfield Farm 1554 SU897384
A copybook little 2½ bay,end smoke bay house,stoutly built and beatifully situated.
- Barn c1500 SU897385
A one bay fragment from an early barn now forms part of a 4 bay barn of several periods.
Upper Ridgeway Farm E14c SU891385
A 4 bay mediaeval hall house with a 2 bay hall in the middle open to the roof - which has coupled rafters & one central Queen strut.
Vine Cottage E17c SU902394
Built as a brick cross wing against the smokebay end of Boxalls and extended when the house was divided.
The Well House E17c SU902396
3 bay building at right angles to the road - 2 chimney stacks on East side,one for each end bay.
Wheelers Farm L16c SU902395
A fine timber framed central smokehood house.
- Barn 19c SU902396
A large 5 bay boarded threshing barn of machine cut timbers.
- Granary L18c SU902396
3 bay granary. Roof structure has a central post from tie to apex.
Wild Goose M16c) SU901394
4 bay timber framed continuous jetty house with a central smoke bay and Queen Anne bay added.
Wychmoor E17c SU888393
An L-plan central chimney house with a forward 2 storey dairy wing built at the same time.
Yew Cottage L18c SU901396
L18c symmetrical cottage with a chimney in each gable end, 2 storeys and a cellar.

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