92 buildings recorded in the parish of Shamley Green (Wonersh)

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April Cottage E18c TQ029438
Arthurs L16c TQ032440
Arthurs Cottage E17c TQ032440
Barn Cottage 14c TQ033437
Briar Cottage 19c TQ033438
Bridgets Lee E16c TQ031445
Cherry Tree Cottage L16c TQ026439
Court House L16c TQ033438
- Barn L17c TQ033438
3 bay barn built of rough timbers,inside not seen. Half-hipped. Wall timbers exposed,infill not recorded.
Dods L14c TQ028444
Easteds Cottage L16c TQ031438
Friendly Cottage L15c TQ038414
Gascons L16c TQ044416
Grist Hill Farm L17c TQ036431
Haldish Farm L16c TQ041448
- Granary 19c TQ041448
- Milking Parlour ? TQ039448
Hillside L17c TQ032446
Holly Cottage 19c TQ025437
Hullhatch E15c TQ025435
Hyde Farm House 18c TQ032441
- Barn E15c TQ032441
5 bay boarded barn with long passing braces and sans purlin roof.
Lake Cottage E17c TQ032435
Lavender Cottage & Old Well Cottage L16c TQ029442
Lee Crouch c1400 TQ028444
Early 4 bay open hall house with steeply pitched crown post roof and internal jetty. With modern additions and attached barn
- Granary 18c TQ028444
Little Tew c1600 TQ024445
Locketts 18c TQ032437
Lords Hill Cottage L17c TQ026437
Madgehole L16c TQ053433
- Barn 19c TQ055433
5 bay boarded barn with half-hipped roof & end lean-to. Built of machine-cut timbers on stone plinth.
The Malthouse c1600 TQ034437
2 bay continuous jetty house; one bay with jettied gable,added stone parlour wing,connected to granary & Mellow House behind.
- Granary 17c TQ033437
Mellow House L16c TQ033437
Transitional 5 bay house,possibly half floored hall; with later brick face. Once joined to granary & Malt House.
Mousehole, No.3 Red Lion Cottages L18c TQ031439
Norley Farm L17c TQ026443
- Implement Shed 19c TQ026443
Northcott Farm E17c TQ033447
- Barn E16c TQ033447
Mediaeval 3 bay barn extended by 2 bays. Roof hipped & crown post at old end (16c), half-hipped & clasped purlins at the other (17c).
Old Hall 15c TQ033437
Old Manor 17c TQ033437
Partridge Cottage 19c TQ025436
Plonks Farmhouse E15c TQ033436
- Barn 18c TQ033436
6 bay barn including some older timbers. Boarded,half-hipped, tiled roof with raking queen struts.
Potters E15c TQ031437
Poundland L17c TQ032440
- Cattle Shelter ? TQ032438
- Granary ? TQ032438
- Stable ? TQ032438
Quoin Cottage E17c TQ031439
Red Lion Cottage E17c TQ032438
Reel Hall - Front range c1507 TQ043436
A high quality, but much altered,3 bay hall house with a raised and rebuilt roof.
Reel Hall - Service wing c1508 TQ043436
Apparently a 3 bay rear service wing,all one room except for a chamber over the rearmost bay.
Reel Hall - Parlour wing c1531 TQ043436
A forward face-wing of 3 short bays (just 5.5m in total) probably a parlour wing originally.
No.2 Rose Cottage L18c TQ029442
Shamley Cottage c1720 TQ042431
Shamley House E17c TQ033438
The Shrubbery L18c TQ033437
Smarkham L16c TQ030454
- Barn E19c TQ030454
Stroud Farm 19c TQ041432
Stroud Farm Barn 15c TQ041432
Probably originally 5 bay boarded barn with long passing braces in walls. Now 4 bays, one later. Re-built roof.
Surrey House L17c TQ032438
Tanyard Farm L14c TQ034438
- East Barn L17c TQ034438
3 bay barn. Half-hipped roof,ridge board,clasped purlin,raking queen struts.
- Old House [now a barn] L14c TQ034438
- West Barn 18c TQ034438
4 bay boarded barn. Gabled,clasped purlin roof with ridge board and raking queen struts.
Tanyard Farm Cottage 18c TQ034438
Thanes Croft L18c TQ024445
- Ice House L18c TQ024445
Thorns Flush E18c TQ0440
Timbers M16c TQ031439
Tumblers Court L19c TQ048447
Upper House Farm L15c TQ037419
- Barn 17c TQ037419
6 bay barn comprising two barns end to end. Softwood & re-used timbers. Half-hip one end,gable the other.
- Granary L18c TQ037419
Upper Woodhill Farm - Barn L16c TQ048442
3 bay barn with 2 bays added,and 2 bay stable later joined to it. Opposed barn doors
Walnut Tree Cottage L17c TQ033438
Watts Cottage L16c TQ029445
Waverley 20c TQ032438
Waverley Cottage & Stoke Albrooke E17c TQ037423
Wedgwood Cottage (now Little Eastide) L16c TQ031438
The White House, Run Common E17c TQ034421
Willinghurst Cottage M17c TQ055425
Wintersgrace L16c TQ042431
Wistaria Cottage 18c TQ029442
Woodhill Farmhouse E16c TQ043436
- Barn 15c TQ043436
Originally a 3 bay barn with sans-purlin roof; now has added side purlins. Originally wattle & daub. One bay added to each end.
- Stable 19c TQ043436
Woodhill Manor L18c TQ043436
- Stables ? TQ043436
Yieldhurst 15c TQ034445

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