42 buildings recorded in the parish of Reigate

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April Cottage (moved to Open Air Museum) E17c TQ252502
A 2 bay 2 storey parlour - part of a larger house.
No.14a Bell Street L16c TQ253502
A surviving 1 bay back wing to a building now replaced.
No.16 Bell Street E19c TQ253501
Originally a dwelling but since used as offices and shop.
Nos.49/51 Bell Street L15c TQ254501
2 Mediaeval wings with an E17c rebuild between.
No.71a Bell Street M17c TQ255500
2½ storey 3 bay central chimney house,end on to the road.
Clay Hall Farm E18c TQ244488
Double pile brick house with 2 storeys,attic & cellar.
No.2 Copse Road M16c TQ266492
Timber framed house with smoke bay.
The Cottage [demolished] 18c -------
Brick built cottage demolished in 1970
Crown Steps Cottage M17c TQ253503
A much re-built 3 bay timber framed structure. Probably originally a farm building.
Flanchford Farm - Barn L18c TQ236482
A 5 bay barn with aisle on East side.
Flanchford Mill 18c TQ236479
A 3 storey purpose-built water mill with floor plan of 6 bays set in 3 pairs.
Flanchford Mill Cottages 18c TQ235479
A 2 storey brick house in Flemish bond.
No.11 Flanchford Road 17c TQ242504
Central chimney brick house of 3 bays
Gilberts Farm - Granary 19c TQ231488
Granary with pyramid roof set on 9 iron staddles.
The Heath Church 1907 TQ241503
A small church known as the Tin Chapel.
Heath Cottage E18c TQ243505
A much altered 3 bay cottage built end on to the road.
Heath Farm c1600 TQ235459
2 bay central framed chimney house with 3 bay barn attached - now part of the house.
No.4a High Street E17c TQ253503
A 2½ storey 3 bay timber framed jettied town house.
No.5 High Street L17c TQ253502
A 2 bay building of 2½ storeys - much altered.
No.42a High Street L16c TQ252503
3 bays remain of a building of at least 4 bays. No blackened rafters,no old chimney. Regency brick facade
Nos.46/46a High Street 17c TQ251503
Nos.46,46a,48,50,52 comprise 3 separate structures of varying dates.
Nos.48/50 High Street 17c TQ252503
Nos.46,46a,48,50,52 comprise 3 separate structures of varying dates.
No.52 High Street 17c TQ252503
Nos.46,46a,48,50,52 comprise 3 separate structures of varying dates.
Nos.53/53a High Street (No.53 demolished) L16c TQ252502
3 remaining bays of a Wealden House.
Nos.77/77a High Street M15c TQ250503
A mediaeval timber framed wing to the south of a taller jettied solar wing
Little Santon Farm M16c TQ228497
A 3 bay timber framed end smoke bay house of 2 full storeys.
- Cart Shed ? TQ228497
A 3 bay building which has recently been moved within the grounds of the house.
The Lodge E16c TQ238508
A 2 bay building much altered and with roof raised.
Millers Cottage E17c TQ234498
A 2 storey house with symmetrically placed transom windows, and later additions.
North Cottage E19c TQ258480
One of a pair of semi-detached villas - with South Cottage.
No.44 Nutley Lane formerly Ion House E19c TQ249505
A machine-cut timber framed house of balanced facade.
The Old Forge c1600 TQ247504
A 4 bay central chimney house since divided to incorporate the forge.
The Old Manor L15c TQ237510
A 2 bay mediaeval crown post open hall.
The Old Sweeps's House L14c TQ250503
Two bays remain of an early mediaeval aisled hall house.
Old Town Hall E18c TQ254493
A building of red brick Flemish bond with many dark glazed headers.
Ricebridge Farm L15c TQ224489
Part of a L15c mediaeval open hall house.
No.6 Slipshoe Street c1591 TQ250503
A continuous jetty house of 5 bays and 2 storeys.
South Cottage E19c TQ258480
One of a pair of semi-detached villas - with North Cottage.
No.29 West Street c1600 TQ248503
A 3-4 bay timber framed house,now bricked below and tile hung above.
No.47 West Street (Farley, formerly Potters) E17c TQ247504
A 3 bay house of 1½ storeys with 18c additions.
Whitehall Farm E17c TQ248489
A large farm kitchen with inglenook hearth is all that remains of an earlier build.
Wray Farm M17c TQ264511
2 equal sized bays of 2 storeys,with additions.

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