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Blanks Farm c1582 TQ216433
A largely complete and well built 4 bay "chimney bay" house with integral attic.
- Barn 19cTQ216433
3 bays,half-hipped roof.Clasped purlins with queen struts & ridgeboard.Made of machine cut timbers.
Boothlands M17c TQ218402
A 3 bay house of chestnut framing with additions,changes & added facade.
- Barn L18c TQ219402
3 bay barn, half-hipped with gablet roof. Clasped purlins and raking queen struts.
- Granary 19c TQ219402
Small granary,12ft x 15ft, 9 stone staddles.
Nos.1/2 Brook Cottages & Clair Brook 1796 TQ200429
Double pile brick house,14m x 7.5m, built as parish workhouse in 1796. (Clair Brook c1868).
Brooklag Farm L16c TQ196425
A mediaeval house,brick clad & much changed,is now (1976) a laundry.
Chaffolds M16c TQ205386
An open hall,one end changed to smoke bay.Later back to back chimney & parlour wing added with stair turret.
Chapel 1885 TQ209441
A corrugated iron chapel, later derelict but rebuilt into a house 2004/05.
Cherry End Cottage [demolished 1968] L17c TQ210437
Tiny,timber framed,only 1 room. 12ft x 10ft plus end lean-to.
Coombers Farm M16c TQ213432
One bay remains of the earliest house.Large Georgian addition.
Cowix Cottage 1869 TQ198381
Cowix Farm 1869 TQ199382
A brick farm house dated 1869. Good quality.
Cowix Lodge 1869 TQ198382
A small brick house near Cowix Farm and possibly of the same date.
Cudworth Manor House c1500 TQ202418
2 bays remain of an open hall house.Several additions,some may have replaced an earlier house.
- Old Barn c1600 TQ214417
A superior 5 bay barn.
- Cider Barn aka King John's barn 16c TQ213417
6 bay barn,many re-used timbers,irregular. Use uncertain.
Dean House Farm E17c TQ199421
2½ bay central chimney house,2 jetties at one end,1 jetty at other.Vestiges of an earlier open hall house.
The Elms, formerly Rolls M17c TQ204396
End chimney house,probably 2 bays with outshot. Considerable alterations by Shadbolt in 1907/08. Now gone.
Ewood Farm c1600 TQ199447
A relatively unaltered 3 bay house with end chimney & outshot.
Gaterounds 1579 TQ198427
PhaseA:3 bays,no evidence of early fire or smoke staining.
PhaseB:3 bays,2½ storeys,fire place central to centre bay.
Gosscroft,now Gosscroft Cottage M15c TQ194426
An open hall house of 3 bays. Windows above eves.
Greens Farm c1309 TQ195412
2½ bays remain of an exceptional early hall house with many archaic features.
The second earliest date found in Surrey.
- Cart Shed ? TQ195412
- Farmstead ? TQ195412
- Large Granary L18c TQ195412
- Long Barn 16c TQ195412
6 bay barn with gabled,clasped purlin roof.Lined with sheet zinc.No framing visible.
- Small Granary 19c TQ194413
- Stable 15c TQ192412
Has been used as a stable but has 2 bays, jettied,excellent carpentry & quality.Open truss is cambered & has hollow chamfers.
- Threshing Barn L17c TQ195412
5 bay barn,clasped purlin/windbrace roof gabled at both ends. Weatherboard.Stands on brick staddles.
Halesbridge Farm E17c TQ219433
2 parallel builds. Earlier has 2 bays forming one large room & inside chimney. Later has 2 bays & lean-to, & 2½ storeys.
Harlings M16c TQ221433
Only the centre of the house is old.There have been many repairs,e.g. re-roofed,stair probably re-sited.
Hatchetts, Hatchetts End, Hatchetts Cottage c1860 TQ208427
A brick house c1860,double fronted with central hall,built on a lane that once led to Hatchetts Farm.
High Trees L16c TQ205436
3 full bays,2½ floored,end bay smoke blackened - transitional. House modernised inside & out,probably c1900.
Home Farm c1351 TQ207407
The substantial remains of a magnificent ancient house,with a large 2 bay hall, and originally courtyarded and moated.
- East 'Old' Barn c1488 TQ207407
3 bays remain from a richly built, probably much longer barn,with fine crown posts and heavy bracing.
- South 'Hay' Barn c1412 TQ207407
An ancient 5 bay barn with a 3 bay extension (Dendro 1607) and a later,undated,roof
- South Barn 14c TQ207407
Hound House, formerly Twittenhams Farm E16c TQ212430
Open hall when built. c1620 converted one end into central back-to-back hearth & 2½ bay floored parlour. Severe fire in winter of 1981/82.
- Cartshed L18c TQ212433
Innstead M18c TQ205436
A long low timber framed building. Was 2 cottages in line,each 2 bays, with small end additions & rear outshots.
Innstead - West Cottage M17c TQ205436
Ivy House, formerly Cockmans c1518 TQ219394
An unusually complete 3 bay hall house with evidence of a garderobe and a plank & muntin screen
- Barn c1517 TQ219394
A fine 3 bay crown post barn with heavy timbers and in good condition.
Kingsland Cottages L16c TQ192421
Small 3 bay cottage,central smoke bay. Latter extended to right,bay added to left,chimneys placed entrally,back to back forming 2 cottages.
Kingsland Farm 17c TQ193421
Laundry Hill Cottage c1800 TQ195424
Symmetrical 2 roomed cottage,brick rendered externally & timber framed partitioning inside,central staircase.Full width outshot.
Little Knowle M19c TQ193426
The original house has 2 rooms up & 4 down + an outshot.The porch is later, also side additions.
Little Paddock, now & formerly Lance's Cottage E18c TQ202434
A long low building,exposed timber framing,dormer windows.Later additions.
Marelands c1480 TQ201399
From a 2 bay hall house it has developed into a fairly large attractive house mostly timber framed.
No.1 Marshlands Cottages L18c TQ203395
A seimi-detached brick cottage of 2 rooms up 4 down,plus and outshot(catslide) & a later outshot. Stairs in outshot.
Mill Cottage L17c TQ201447
Original cottage 2 bays with end chimney serving both floors.Additional bay of single floor backs onto chimney.Many re-used timbers.
Newdigate Place (Home Farm) - homestead site ? TQ206407
Newhouse Farm E16c TQ201402
Smoke blackened bay - open hall or smoke bay? Two bays early,have some been removed?
Nightingales L17c TQ202434
Nyes Place c1608 TQ201400
A high quality,2½ storey,chimney house with many windows and indications of industrial use.
Nos.1/2 Oak Tree Cottages 19c TQ209441
Symmetrical pair of cottages,weather boarded on 2 rows brick,only 3 ft from road. Outshot has brick partition to house.
Oaklands Park Farm Cottage c1500 TQ218394
4 bays. Some doubt whether originally open hall or smoke bay.
Old Beam Brook c1541 TQ215423
A quite complete 3½ bay central smoke bay house with an unusual plan.
The Old Cottage - now separate from White Cottage M16c TQ197420
One part of a long,probably smoke bay, cottage of several builds. Second part is now White Cottage.
Old Kingsland Cottage 17c TQ193421
Partridge Cottage L18c TQ210436
Originally symmetrical & small.Inner walls timber framed.Central passage between 2 rooms,central stairs towards rear.End chimneys.
Reffolds - Main Range 1608 TQ201432
A compact,dignified,end chimney house of 2 storeys with integral attic.
Reffolds - Parlour Wing 1611 TQ291432
A fine parlour wing of two unusual bays. Now largely "Victorianised" on the outside.
Rolls Farmhouse c1568 TQ221415
A well preserved,high quality,2½ bay,end smoke bay house.
- Barn [derelict] 18c TQ222415
3 bay boarded barn. Gabled roof,raking queen struts. Wall frames not recorded.
Saplings M16c TQ205435
3 bay house with one bay hall.
Simons, formerly Horsilands c1500 TQ202421
Originally a 4 bay house with end bay replaced by back to back chimneys & a new bay,after an intermediate smoke bay.
- farm building L18c TQ201421
The only remaining building of the old Horsilands Farm. Timber framed,3 bays,post & braces early (re-used?).
The Six Bells L18c TQ197421
Originally a 3 bay house,the central one with hearth.Full length outshot.Internal timber framing. Thought to have replaced an earlier building.
Sturtwood Farm c1771 TQ215427
A brick house of 4 bays. 2 bays now form a large farm kitchen.
The Surrey Oaks M17c TQ205437
A timber framed cottage with considerable additions,but attractive.
Tanhurst Farm L16c TQ198408
3 timber framed builds. First build has 3 bays,2 open but one had suspended floor.Addition has chimney back to back with first build. .
- Barn c1600 TQ198408
3 bays remain of a longer boarded threshing barn. Gabled roof with clasped purlins & raking queen struts.
Village Store - Bakehouse - removed to Singleton Museum L18c TQ196422
- Shoemaker's Shop c1800 TQ197422
Single brick room.Door one side,large window opposite that flaps down.
- Sorting Office 20c TQ197422
White Cottage - now separate from The Old Cottage M16c TQ197420
One part of a long,probably smoke bay, cottage of several builds. Second part is now The Old Cottage.
Wirmwood L16c TQ196422
A smoke bay house. A shop (brick) added later.
Yew Tree Cottage E18c TQ197421
A two bay house with long rear catslide. Modern cross wing.

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