57 buildings recorded in the parish of Horsley,West

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Amberley House L19c TQ095526
Late 19c brick house with end chimneys & third chimney in built-up outshot.
Bakers E18c TQ081522
Probably one-roomed cottage with double bread ovens in rear wall
Barcombe Farm L16c TQ078533
A smoke-hood house with a floored hall & original features
The Barley Mow E16c TQ079535
Small 3 bay dwelling extended in L16c with one bay and a cross wing when it became an ale house. Formerly facing the Green.
- Barn 18c TQ079535
Single storey brick,upper part timber framed.Not a barn
Britains Farm M16c TQ078525
Medieval timber framed house with central smoke bay and service open hall
- Barn E18c TQ078527
A small barn type building, with various alterations. Not a proper barn, now a studio
Charles Cottage M17c TQ076534
4-bay central chimney house
- Barn E17c TQ076534
3-bay weatherboarded barn, central bay open both sides
Church House c1434 TQ088527
A fine 'church house', with a first floor meeting room under crown posts
- Barn 18c TQ088527
3 bay 'barn' for general outside use:temporary stabling,etc,now mainly garage.
The Cottage,Butlers Hill 16c TQ077523
Cripplegate c1550 TQ077537
2 bay timber framed central smoke hood cottage
Eversley E16c TQ078532
One bay of late mediaeval house which faced the Common,and added 17c brick house at right angles
Fullers Farm 15c TQ074506
2 bays of 4 bay 15c hall house, & 2 bays of 16c rebuild
Nos.1/2 Garden Cottages E19c TQ080544
Pair of estate cottages of 2 rooms on 2 floors. Demolished 1980s.
Hammonds Farm - Tithe Barn E15c TQ077528
A magnificent 6 bay barn,the only known mediaeval stone-walled barn on the Surrey chalk downland.
- Brick Barn 18c TQ077528
3 bay barn,half-floored over,& built up against tithe barn but smaller.
- Dove Cote 15c TQ077528
Almost square dovecote of flint & clunch quorns.Probably mediaeval.
High Bank E15c TQ077523
15c timber framed open hall house with moulded bressumer,evidence of spere truss and added smoke bay
Hillside Farm now Hillside Manor L18c TQ086509
Small 2-roomed cottage, with outside chimney, completely swamped with later and grander additions
Hookwood Farmhouse L16c TQ080504
Two trusses with jowl posts remain with morticed,tenoned rafters,in a much altered house
Hornbeam E16c TQ079534
Two bays of mediaeval timber framed house & brick house at right angles
King William IV P.H.) (18c TQ077529
A pair of 18c estate cottages with integral end outshot
Lake Cottage E19c TQ083553
Brick cottage of 2 rooms on 2 floors with outshot & one end chimney.
Lane End Cottage E18c TQ081529
Small early Georgian central chimney house. Probably lath & plaster at first floor
Little Wings L16c TQ074523
3 bay timber framed house with outside end chimney.May have been a smoke bay house.
Lollesworth Farm L16c TQ083540
2 bay timber framed house (smoke bay) and parallel M17c brick house
Lower Gardens L16c TQ081545
One truss of smoke bay house with additions of early & late 18c & 19c
Lower Hammonds Farm - Main build c1448 TQ073531
2 bays remain of a well-built probably 3-bay mediaeval hall house of generous dimensions.
Lower Hammonds Farm - Face wing c1457 TQ073531
A 2 bay parlour face wing with a fine open truss and a jettied front.
- Barn E15c TQ073531
An amalgamation of 2 early barns on a Georgian brick plinth
Manor Farmhouse L16c TQ082545
A two bay, two storey house with a framed smoke hood & a stair turret
- Barn E19c TQ082545
A five-bay threshing barn with machine-cut timbers
Nightingales M18c TQ077533
Small early Georgian house with parapet (roof covering not seen) and "M" roof
The Old Cottage The Street c1444 TQ079536
A richly built,wide and high,4 bay mediaeval house with two-bay open hall. (Western bay is a re-build)
The Old Cottage, Cranmore Lane E18c TQ078526
Small two and half storey cottage with projecting back hearth
The Old House E17c TQ078528
Timber framed early 17c & bricked early 18c when added to. Date stone 1792 on added wing.
Old Post Office Cottage E19c TQ078526
Extended to become a shop mid 19c. 2 generations of roof,both with ridge pieces
The Old Rectory E19c TQ076527
House in 2 backing ranges,one earlier 19c, with M19c wing overlapping both. "Rebuild" 1819.
Old School House c1600 TQ078528
One bay,2 storey house with smoke hood. Each end wing added as separate house. One of handful of local-style smoke hoods.
Old Tunmore Farm M15c TQ077524
Just over 2 bays of timber framed open hall house with crown posts. Several later additions
- Barn 17c TQ077524
When recorded the barn was still converted for staff use. It is now restored to original state.
Pincott Farm 17c TQ078539
Probably L16c barn,3 bays,connected to a house in 17c
- Barn L18c TQ078539
A large 3-bay barn on high flint cill
Railway Cottage North M16c TQ082536
Probable central smoke hood house,now two cottages with additions. Framing hints at earlier house.
The Retreat E19c TQ078534
Small house of 2 rooms on 2 floors,referred to in 1849 Census Returns. End chimneys.
St Mary's Church School 1861 TQ077528
Built 1861 with an extension in 1892. Closed and converted to flats 1994
Shepherds Cottage 1885 TQ082554
A "cottage ornee" with Art Nouveau door detailing at front door
Shirley & Bryn Euryn [demolished] E19c TQ078535
One of a pair; outside end chimneys; they appear on 1840 Tithe Map
Silkmore M16c TQ077533
3 bay central smokebay of 2 storeys. A timber framed bay added at one end & an outshot at the other
The Soap House c1596 TQ073536
A 3½ bay central chimney house with smoke bay features as well as some later features.
Sumners c1449 TQ078525
4 bay mediaeval open hall house,apparently with two service bays,the outermost seemingly also open to the roof.
Waterloo Farm Cottage L15c TQ085546
2 bay mediaeval timber framed cottage,with L18c or E19c symmetrical brick house in font
- Outbuilding 19c? TQ086546
Much altered outbuilding of uncertain original use. Traces of a chimney at one end. Now a garage
Wix Farm 15c TQ075523
Mediaeval open hall house with solar 2 bay wing. Both with crown posts. Brick clad 18c
- Barn E16c TQ075523
Mediaeval 4 bay barn.One bay added 19c. Threshing barn
Yew Tree Cottage c1580 TQ077534
2 bays remain of a probable end smoke bay house with added early 19c extension as a separate house

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