15 buildings recorded in the parish of Horsell (Woking)

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Beetle Cottage L15c SU974603
2 bay (originally 3) timber framed open hall house with later additions and large 20c extensions.
Birch Cottage E17c SU987595
A much rebuilt early 17c two bay timber framed cottage with hearth space.
Birch Farm E17c SU989595
Early 17c 3 bay end chimney house with later additions.
Castle House L16c TQ007600
Late 16c parlour wing,with 17c kitchen wing probably replacing earlier hall. Victorian additions masking many older features.
Elm Cottage & Ivy Cottage L17c SU989596
Late 17c 3 bay central chimney house (brick) ,later divided in two. 18c,19c,20c additions.
Esgairs L15c SU993593
2 bay wing of mediaeval hall house,with smoke bay hall added in 16c. Later brick additions.
Pear Tree Cottage E18c TQ001602
Early 18c one cell brick cottage. Later additions:18c brick cottage & 20c building.
The Platt c1600 SU999601
2 bay smoke bay cottage. Added bay 17c with hearth and outside chimney at rear.
Poole Lodge 18c SU998600
Scotchers Farm - Barn L17c TQ004612
4 bay timber framed barn,aisled on one side. Late 17c? 2 bays & outshot 19c? when also re-roofed.
Whapshott Farm L16c SU990592
Timber framed smoke bay house,3 bays with added cross wing. 20c additions.
- Barn [demolished] L17c SU990592
Remaining 4 bays (now demolished) of a 9 bay timber framed barn,L17c or E18c.
Whitfield Court - roof M17c SU971592
A timber framed 5 bay house, added to every century.
- Barn 18c SU971592
5 bay brick building with interesting roof structure. Probably first half of 18c.
Whittles Farm L15c SU998602
Late 15c 3 bay timberframed hall house,with added smokebay & chimney.

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