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No.2 Abbot Road c1910 SU999490
A modern brick house with turrets and Dutch gables,containing mediaeval & other features within. House not described.
The Angel Hotel 13c SU997494
Three mediaeval shops over half site 13c undercroft. M16c inn on whole site. Improved as coaching inn 18c.
- Undercroft L13c SU997494
A clunch undercroft: 2 rows of 3 quadripartite bays. Cross & diagonal ribs,hollow chamfered,spring from 2 cylindrical central columns.
No.1 Beech Lawn E19c TQ006498
End of Regency terrace house,3 storeys,basement,stucco facade,parapet. 2 rooms per floor. 2 storey additions front & back.
Blackwell Farm 18c SU960495
A 18c double pile brick,tiled house with 19c stucco,slated,wing.
- Forge ? SU960495
A farm forge occupying half a brick building,with hipped possibly pantiled roof.
- Shepherds Hut 19c? SU960495
Wide-measure corrugated iron walls and corrugated iron roof hut on four wheels.
Bow Cottage 1706 SU995490
2½ storey brick house with cellar & central side entrance,end on to road. Front room was shop with added bay windows.
Burchatts Farm - Barn 18c TQ008507
A 4 bay timber framed barn,aisled on one side,adjoining house with,originally,opposing doors.
Nos.1/2 Burchatts Farm Cottages 1738 TQ008507
An 18c two room end chimney house with outshot,and added bay when divided into two. Now one again.
Nos.3/4 Burchatts Farm Cottages L19c TQ008510
One of a pair of late 19c brick & tile hung cottages,gabled,originally with a separate privy/wash house outhouse.
Burwood Farm - Barn E18c TQ018495
A fine E18c 7 bay barn with opposed entrances, porch,outshot,one end floored.
No.23 Bury Street 18 SU995494
One of a pair of mirror image cottages,two storeys with cellars,once joined to another at East end,now gone.
Castle Arch - Centre range, Guildford Museum c1554 SU997492
The centre part, between cross wings, of a complicated and much altered chimney house - all three parts may be co-eval.
No.3 Chapel Street E19c SU994497
One of a pair of purpose built shops with accommodation over. 3 storeys,hipped roof behind parapet. Added bakehouse behind.
Nos.10/11 Chapel Street James I restaurant E17c SU997494
A 3 bay chimney house,now a restaurant,of 2 storeys and cellar. Adjoining passage could have been part of another house.
No.8 Chertsey Street L17c SU999496
A possible 17c forge with added brick buildings (shops) either side and a pair of 19c cottages behind.
No.29 Chertsey Street c1500 SU998497
One bay of possible 2 bay parlour wing of former hall house. Cottage behind. 19c cottage at right angles - gone - replaced front bay.
No.70 Chertsey Street E18c SU999497
One of a pair,originally three,cottages with outshots.One room either side of passage. Once a dairy,later a shoemaker's.
Flint Cottage, No.2 Stoke Road E19c SU999498
A Regency flint faced house with brick quoins,two up two down, with several additions.
Flora Cottage E19c TQ005497
A Regency flint faced house with brick quoins,two up two down,with several additions. Chalk cellar.
Guildford House c1660 SU998495
A timber framed and faced triple pile house,possibly different builds,jettied at front with oriel.
Halfway Grange L16c SU998490
A 3 bay central chimney house. Built-up outshot,addition to form double pile house,other additions. Once "Chalk Pit Farm".
No.70 High Street Monsoon Ltd M16c SU997494
A late mediaeval building,once an inn,2 storeys,attic & cellar.Largely rebuilt in 1890 by Henry Peake,architect.
Nos.71-73 High Street Med SU996495
No.83 High Street - Cellar 12/13c SU996494
A 12/13c barrel vaulted clunch cellar beneath a possible 17c timber framed house/shop, with 18c brick facade & roof.
No.90 High Street 14c SU995494
A 2 bay,2 storey 14c crown post building behind a re-built 3 bay,3 storey & attic E17c house.
- Building at rear 15c? SU997494
A small single storey with attic brick house,possibly a 15c well house or a rebuild of it.
No.92 High Street - roof E15c SU995487
2 bays only of a 15c town house roof, gabled, with plain crown posts.
Nos.123/125 High Street c1540 SU998494
2 parallel gabled builds of former 4 bay town house,now divided & much altered. Front rebuilt 1955.
Nos.124/126 High Street L15c SU998495
A late 15c 2 bay house and wing,with 2 bay c1500 house behind & 18c barn, now all joined. 1st & 2nd storeys rebuilt 17/18c.
No.134 High Street, Jeffrey's E19c SU997494
A fine 3 storey & cellar Regency shop & dwelling,rebuild of former inn. Good doorcase to separate house entrance.
Nos.142/144 High Street Tudor Rose Restaurant E17c SU997495
2 storey & attic,2 bays wide & deep,jettied merchant's house,probably built as one. Roof raised to 2 different roofs.
No.149 High Street - undercroft SU998495
A vaulted clunch undercroft to South,with later cellars that energe at ground level at North end.
No.161 High Street E18c SU997495
A portion of a 17c building,with earlier remains and 18c rebuild at the front. Much altered and recently gutted.
No.196 High Street - roof Pandora ? TQ000496
Crown post & gabled roof with sooted rafters & added (altered?) butt rafter roof behind. Added end chimney.
No.202 High Street 18c TQ000495
A fine 18c brick town house of 3½ storeys & cellar & central stair turret.
No.244/246 High Street Wellbeck House E17c TQ000496
An 18c brick end chimney house,2 storeys & cellar, with 3 storey brick wing incorporating remains of 17c timber framed house.
No.254 High Street L16c TQ002497
A 2 bay continuous jetty town house with probably later parallel wing behind. The 2 ridges later joined by lead flat.
Horncastle No.3 Mount Pleasant E18c SU993493
A single pile brick house,3 storeys & parapet,built into steep hillside. Added back extension & single storey extension to front,19c.
Nos.37/39 Josephs Road L16c SU996507
A 3 bay half-floored hall house,possibly once thatched. 17c brick addition,2 end additions 19c. Now in two,once three.
Manor Farm 18c SU969493
A 2 room brick front added to 17c 2 bay timber framed house.Many additions.Hipped roof with added hip forming apparent double pile.
- Barn 17c SU968493
A 5 bay aisled barn with opposed entrances, sagging truss braces. One bay partitioned off. Aisle floored.
Nos.5/6 Millmead E17c SU994493
A pair of 17c timber framed cottages with shared central stack and spiral staircase tower integral with stack.
The Moat House, Langton Priory 19c SU994485
A square brick crenellated tower with stables below,set between Victorian lodge over stables & 1½ storey cottage,within chalk quarry.
- Ice House 18c SU995485
Ice house joined to,later then 2 site tunnels,one tunnel runs to top of ice house. Originally a lime kiln?
No.4 The Mount M17c SU994494
A brick fronted mid 17c house of 2½ storeys,cellar & stair turret,with 16c timber framed wing behind.
No.16 The Mount Mount Manor House 16c SU993493
A possible 16c timber framed house,now concealed in a 17c house, with 18c & 19c additions.
Mount Manor Cottage E16c SU982492
A 2 bay 2 storey timber framed house,possibly a first floor hall or solar wing of a mediaeval house.
No.2 Mount Pleasant L18c SU993493
A single pile house,3 storeys & basement,with parapet,built into steep hillside.Added cottage & outshot.Altered in 19c.
Nos.16/17 North Street E18c SU996495
2 adjacent brick 3 storey buildings of differing heights and dates. No.17,L19c,has cellars beneath,one brick vaulted.
No.60 North Street Incomplete report - derelict E18c SU997496
A 4 roomed cottage on 2 floors,attic,shop below. A later roof over older one. Building derelict,to be rebuilt as before.
The Old Cloth Hall 1629 SU998486
Archbishop Abbott's manufactory,later workhouse,4 cottages,George Abbott school,Crown Inn,Clark's College.Roof raised,tower added.Inn demolished.
No.27 Percy Place E19c TQ003497
One half of one of two pairs of semi-detached Regency houses.2 storey wing,1½ storey outshot.Lower central section over cellar.
Pewley Cottage E18c TQ000493
Early 18c 2 storey central chimney house,one room deep,attic & basement.Ground falls away at back.Triangular 19c addition.
Piccards Farm - Barn L17c SU984482
A 5 bay barn,half hipped,catslide outshots (one of chalk) on one side,gabled porch,opposed central cart entrances.
No.44 Portsmouth Road St Catharine's Cottage L17c SU993484
A Regency villa,2 storeys,attics & cellar,incorporating 4 bay timber framed structure,possibly a barn,with added bays & back extension.
No.6 Quarry Street M17c SU996493
2½ storey double pile house on steep slope. Back basement level with front cellars - one under road. Front roof possibly turned.
No.8 Quarry Street E17c SU996493
Early 17c double pile house,2 storeys,attic & cellar, on steep slope. Classical front, stair turret & raised roof. Basement level with cellars.
No.13 Quarry Street L16c SU996494
Late 16c double pile house, 2 storeys, attics, cellars. Added 18c brick front,roof raised parapet. On steep slope. Basement level with cellars.
Nos.14/15 Quarry Street [Incomplete report] 18c SU997491
A double fronted house of 2 storeys & cellars with adjoining smaller house. Mansard roof at back.
No.16 Quarry Street 16c SU997491
A 16c 2 bay house,2 bay wing and later additions. On steep slope. 2 storeys & cellar - this level with back basement.
Nos.17/18 Quarry Street c1700 SU997492
A pair of brick town houses,c1700,now one. 2 storeys,attics & basement/cellar. Mansard roof - back eaves cornice,front 18c parapet.
No.19 Quarry Street L16c SU997492
A 3 bay central chimney house,once possibly two,2 storeys,attics & basement, on steep slope with modern additions.
No.20 Quarry Street c1600 SU999490
A continuous jetty house,3½ bays,2 storeys,attics & cellars,on steep slope. Front rendered,2 large back extensions - oriel & bay windows.
No.49 Quarry Street 17c SU996493
A grade II* early 18c brick front,3 storeys & attic,to an earlier house remaining behind, with earlier house adjoining.
No.51 Quarry Street E17c SU997492
A 4½ bay,2 storey & cellar house on steep slope. 18c brick front. Roof raised,turned for extra front storey.
No.52 Quarry Street The King's Head 17c SU997493
A 3 bay central chimney 2 storey house,now an Inn. Later 2½ bay 2½ storey & cellar, rear chimney. 17/18c timber-framed back addition.
No.53/53a Quarry Street E17c SU997493
An early 17c jettied town house,end on to road,jettied porch,later jettied wing (re-roofed in 19c),cellars & attics.
No.57 Quarry Street c1800 SU997493
A 2 bay town house,2 storeys,attic & cellar.Brick front facade when ceilings raised.Modern rear 2 storey extension.
St Catherine's Priory 15c SU994483
2 bay solar end of mediaeval hall,17c stone rebuild of hall. 16/17c timber framed cross wing. 18/19c additions.
South Hall 1829 SU998489
The former Governor's House in the House of Correction, still containing some cells. Much altered and added to.
Stoke Park Farm E16c TQ009512
One & a bit rebuilt bays of hall house,joined by chimney to earlier timber framed cross wing. Georgian & modern additions.
- Granary L18c TQ009512
A late 18c timber framed granary on staddles,brick nogging,hipped roof.
No.12 Trinity Churchyard, Trinity Cottage c1780 SU999494
18c addition to bigger house,once The Rectory. One room each floor. Added ground floor kitchen & bathroom.
Nos.13/14 Trinity Churchyard L15c SU999494
A 2 bay crown post hall with jetty added to original 2 bay service cross wing. Cross passage under jetty. Once the Rectory.
No.15 Trinity Churchyard, Royal Oak c1540 SU999494
Two storey probable Church House attached to former Rectory & jettied towards the Church. Now a pub.
No.13 Tunsgate 17c SU997494
A narrow 2 bay house/shop,back additions, possibly built over passageway, being demolished. Front is to be restored,back rebuilt.
Warren Farm Cottage L18c TQ015494
A brick central chimney cottage,18/19c,2 rooms on each floor.With porch,added outshot & privy.Hipped tiled roof.
Warren Farm E17c TQ014494
A 3 bay house with outside end chimneys, bricked over. 18c and Victorian additions.
- Barn L16c TQ015494
A 3 bay barn extended in 18c to 5 bays. Aisle added. Original central door moved to new centre.
Waterden Cottage E19c TQ003498
An early 19c end chimney flint house,2 storeys,attic,cellar. Tiled roof raised. Added central porch,bay windows,later additions.
Wilderness Farm M17c SU977493
A 4 bay central chimney house with lower 2 bay kitchen wing behind. Latter joined by chimney bay to L15c wing, possibly brought in.

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