99 buildings recorded in the parish of Farnham

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No.51 Abbey Street L18c SU842465
Together with No.53 part of a late 18c terrace of 6 brick & tiled cottages.
No.53 Abbey Street L18c SU842465
Together with No.51 part of a late 18c terrace of 6 brick & tiled cottages.
Badshot Farm 18c SU864480
- Hay Barn E17c SU864480
4 bay boarded barn with tiled, half-hipped roof. Raking queen struts & jowled posts.
- Ironstone Barn 17c SU864480
3 bay barn with 2 added bays at one end. Later aisles of ironstone & brick added.
Badshot Farm Cottage - Barn 18c SU864481
4 bay brick barn with gabled, half hipped roof & staggered butt purlins. Added cottage at one end so original form obscure.
Badshot House 18c SU864450
Barlings - old range c1537 SU858489
2 bays remain,both floored with evidence for at least a further,sooted,half-bay, so a 2½ end or 3½ central, smoke bay house.
Barlings - parlour wing c1547 SU858489
A 2 bay parlour wing added at the request of a will of 1546 for the widow.
Bishops Camera,Farnham Castle c1381 SU838473
A stone-built rectangular building,much modified,just one Gothic window remaining,but with a magnificent roof.
Borelli House, Nos.35/36 The Borough c1600 SU840468
No.6 The Borough M16c SU839458
A 3 bay mediaeval open hall house (Merchant's) with Georgian facade.
No.10 The Borough M17c SU839469
A jettied cross wing of a 17c house in the ancient market place.
No.39 The Borough - 'Barn' c1600 SU840468
Much altered 3 bay building behind the houses. Original purpose unknown.
No.40 The Borough - main range M15c SU839468
3 bays remain of a 4 bay build which was always floored, running back from the High Street.
No. 40 The Borough - rear range c1452 SU839468
A well built 4 bay range, of which the central two bays are intact,all floored and unheated.
No.45 The Borough 15c SU839468
Boundstone 19c SU835438
Bourne Place L17c SU855474
Bridge House 18c SU842465
No.11 Bridge Square c1476 SU852465
3 bays remain of a rich wealden house with unusual features, now substantially modified.
Broomleaf Farm E18c SU845465
Nos.1/2 Burlesbridge Cottages 1737 SU816472
No.10 Castle Street c1700 SU839469
Nos.17/18 Castle Street M18c SU838470
No.20 Castle Street L17c SU838470
No.29 Castle Street L18c SU838471
No.36 Castle Street c1700 SU839471
No.74 Castle Street 15c SU839470
The Castle Theatre E17c SU839470
Country House,No.11 Old Church Lane L18c SU848453
Coxbridge Farm M16c SU828461
- Barns & Hop Kilns ? SU828461
Too many alterations & additions to enable a meaningful summary.
Culver Farm L16c SU856467
Deerleap, No.1 St James' Terrace c1850 SU843474
No.2 Downing Street E19c SU843466
Nos.4/6 Downing Street ? SU840467
No.48 Downing Street 18c SU840467
No.52 Downing Street 1611 SU840467
- Outbuildings [hop drying] 17c SU858421
A series of outbuildings adapted for the drying of hops.
No.56 Downing Street pre 1600 SU840466
No.55 East Street L16c SU844472
No.67 East Street 18c SU844473
Farmers - "Barn" behind L17c SU841468
Not a barn but a stable built of chalk blocks, bricked & old roof timbers.
The Grange - Barn 18c SU836474
7 bay barn, chalk with brick dressing. Hipped roof with clasped purlins. Outshot at rear.
Hale Farm - Barn 19c SU850483
6 bay barn,probably 19c but with anachronistic features - jowlposts,butt purlins,19c style queen posts all apparently contemporary.
Heath Lodge, No.91 Shortheath Road 18c SU831446
Heronscourt 17c SU838452
High Mill 18c SU857473
High Mill House c1700 SU857473
Lion & Lamb Inn - front range c1500 SU838468
A very rich 2 bay build, presumably the Inn's reception, with grand rooms on both floors.
Lion & Lamb Inn - galleted range c1500 SU838468
A fine 4 bay range, presumably the 'residential' part of the original inn.
No.10 Lower Church Lane c1850 SU839467
Combination of two cottages of a terrace.
No.19 Lower Church Lane c1600 SU839465
No.31 Lower Church Lane L17c SU839466
No.6 Lowndes Buildings 1839 SU837471
The Maltings [& Kiln] 19c SU840465
No.1 Mead Lane 18c SU836465
Mulberry Cottage c1638 SU839471
A 17c brick built cottage with gable end chimney.
The Old Barn, No.7a Castle Street c1540 SU839469
A building used for storage for many years but appears to have been built as two dwellings and two storage units
The Old Barn, formerly Barn Cottage 18c SU849485
A 6 bay brick barn, converted to a hop kiln before being converted into a cottage.
The Old Cottage No.40 Alma Lane L17c SU845495
The Old Vicarage c1418 SU838466
An exceptional "church house" with a grand 1st floor chamber featuring a fine tenoned-purlin roof with arch braces to the
Pest House,No.7 Dukes Close M18c SU833486
Pullingers,No.109 West Street E17c SU838468
Rangers House 17c SU841478
No.2 Red Lion Lane 19c SU841466
No.7 Red Lion Lane E19c SU858421
An oddity consisting of an addition to the remnant of an earlier building plus modern extensions.
No.9 Red Lion Lane L17c SU858421
The northern half of a late 17c timber framed cottage.
No.11 Red Lion Lane M17c SU858421
Half of a larger building now No.9.
No.13 Red Lion Lane, Rowan Cottage M19c SU839464
2 storey,2 unit,double pile weatherboard house added to end of terrace.
No.25 Red Lion Lane 19c SU839464
No.36 Red Lion Lane c1850 SU846839
A long building with rendered walls and a slate roof, built as a hoppers' barracks in the mid 19c.
No.55 Red Lion Lane M19c SU839462
End of terrace of 4 brick cottages.
Shortheath Beacon L18c SU830446
Snayles Lynch Farm E17c SU852470
A ggod complete example of a 4½ bay central chimney house. (Just 2 units either side of the chimney)
Studio One 1714 SU839471
Tanyard House c1485 SU842465
The front 3 bays of a six bay range augmented by a 'stair wing' to the side,with an imposing street facade.
Thrushbank 19c SU851454
No.2 Upper Church Lane c1700 SU839437
No.3 Upper Church Lane c1600 SU839467
No.48 Upper Weybourn Lane L16c SU853493
No.99 Upper Weybourn Lane L16c SU850493
Timber framed house of 3 bays,including end smoke bay.
Vernon House 1563 SU836466
No.9/9a West Street 19c SU837467
Nos.29/30/31 West Street M15c SU836467
Open hall house with 2 bay hall and solar wing,the wing being added later.
No.32 West Street c1500 SU836467
Nos.33/33a West Street 18c SU836463
No.35 West Street 1822 SU834467
No.46 West Street 15c SU838468
No.68 West Street,Christmas Cottage c1418 SU835466
Two bays remain of a probably 3 bay hall house, with a pretty Georgian-style frontage.
No.72/73 West Street L17c SU832463
No.75a West Street L17c SU836467
No.80 West Street c1467 SU835465
Two bays remain of a rich 'Wealden' house,with evidence for a missing overshot cross passage & service end.
No.81 West Street c1467 SU835465
Nos 80/81 were a single, co-eval build. Previously divided, now in single ownership.
No.82 West Street L15c SU833465
No.122 West Street L16c SU839465
Willey Place Lodge M17c SU815451
Windsor Alms Houses 1619 SU838472

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