94 buildings recorded in the parish of Ewhurst & Ellens Green

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Bildens c1500 TQ090396
Very small 2 bay hall house with just one open bay.
Brackleys E19c TQ090408
Early 19c semi-detached house added to 16c "Well Cottage" , once part of it. Double pile
Bramblehurst Farm L16c TQ096412
Smoke bay house with unusual plan consisting of 3 bays (incl end smoke bay) & contemporary wing beyond smoke bay.
Broadstone Cottage L16c TQ093397
A pair of separately framed cottages,each with smoke hood and shared inside stack
Broadstone Farm 15c TQ122365
- Barn I E18c TQ122364
3 bay boarded barn on low brick cill. Gabled roof,raking queen struts.
- Barn II E18c TQ122364
3 bay boarded barn made mainly of used timbers. Gabled roof with raking queen struts.
Bungtore Cottage now Clare Cottage c1600 TQ098371
Small,complete smoke bay house with surviving original features
- Cartshed 18c TQ098371
Small boarded cartshed
Coneyhurst House M16c TQ084413
Manor House,fine close studded floored hall,traces of Mediaeval work in two cross wings
- Barn 17c TQ084413
Four bay weatherboarded barn on sloping site
Coophurst - Barn L18c TQ106412
4 bay boarded barn on high cill of stone with brick dressings. Half-hipped roof with raking queen struts. Much re-used timber.
The Cottage [Ellens Green] now Well Cottage L16c TQ108351
Tiny (5m x 3.5m) 2 bay smoke hood house, now part of brick cottage.
Coverwood Farm c1400 TQ093433
Exterior appearance belies early (c1400) 4 bay hall house
- Barn E15c TQ093433
Mediaeval barn with long jowl posts,but original roof structure lost.
Coxland E17c TQ093383
Cricket Green Cottage 19c TQ095393
Crown House L16c TQ089408
Substantial smoke bay house with Horsham stone roof,now 2 dwellings
Dukes Cottage L16c TQ095349
The Fields Cottage L16c TQ095395
Small end smoke bay house hidden behind VIctorian parallel range.
Folly Hill Cottage 18c TQ091417
Gadbridge Farmhouse M15c TQ090397
Substantial hall house with internal jetty
- Barn E18c TQ090397
Early 18c weatherboarded barn
Garlands & Little Garlands L17c TQ091406
A central chimney house with raised roof,joined to another building and "Regencyfied". Many alterations and additions
High Broom Cottage c1700 TQ087423
A 2 bay end chimney/entrance cottage,later converted into two with lean-to built-up. Now one
High Edzer M16c TQ088412
17th century conversion of mid 16th century barn,two 17c wings and recent incorporation of adjoining granary make this a substantial house.
- Granary E19c TQ089412
3 bay granary over implement shed,now converted for domestic use and part of main house.
Hill House Farm E15c TQ103369
3 bays remain of original house; 16c parlour replaced solar. Mid 17c parlour wing extended. Small Victorian wing. Now "modernised"!!
- Barn L14c TQ103369
Early barn,late 14c,with coupled rafter roof,but partly rebuilt.
- Cartshed/Granary 19c TQ103369
Ivy Cottage E17c TQ089408
Small 18c brick house fronting a tiny 1 room smoke hood house
Lanterns now Corner House c1600 TQ090408
End smoke bay house underbuilt in stone
Little Crown L16c TQ089408
Little Woolpit Cottage c1880 TQ088424
19c rebuild of an earlier house;ironstone galleted sandstone,brick quoins,casement windows
Losely c1550 TQ101415
3 bay smoke bay house with added wings including an attached granary now part of the domestic accomodation
- Barn 18c TQ101414
3 bay weatherboarded barn,18c.
- Granary 18c TQ102415
Granary on 12 brick staddles topped with Horsham stone slabs.
Mapledrakes 18c TQ093401
- Cartsheds ?18c) TQ093401
Two cartsheds,both of 3 bays.
Mascalls L16c TQ095404
Rare survival of a very small 2 bay smoke bay house,with added 17c wing and massive chimney stack.
Maybanks [Ellens Green] c18c TQ093353
- Barn 18c TQ093353
Brick barn with iron-framed roof clad with corrugated iron, replacing unknown original.
- Stable block 19c TQ093353
Milk Hill L16c TQ092405
Small central smoke bay house which also has lateral chimney which may be contemporary or added soon after.
Milk Hill - detached? 16c TQ092405
Small square building of two storeys,use unknown,originally detached,but now part of Mill Hill
- Barn 19c TQ092405
Former cartshed,partly converted for domestic use.
Mount Cottage & Church Gate Cottage E18c TQ090405
House,c1700,built into hillside,part demolished,rebuilt 18c. 19c & 20c additions. Former school, then shops,now 2 houses.
Mundys Hill c1600 TQ087412
3 bay smoke bay house with added lateral chimney.
North Breach Manor Farm - Barn E18c TQ106406
Early 18c barn,being a re-build using old timber but new roof.
Oak Cottage E15c TQ099355
2 bay hall house,just 6m x 4.5m,one of the smallest in Surrey
The Old Cottage E17c TQ089400
Puzzling small cottage. Appears to be framed with smoke bay,but not used. Lateral chimney may be contemporary.
Old Cottage [Ellens Green] L16c TQ108356
End smoke bay house with stair turret.
Old Farm L16c TQ089408
Surviving,high status,jettied wing to lost early house.
The Old House L15c TQ091388
3 surviving bays of high status open hall with internal jetty with fine moulded dais beam
- Barn (now a billiard room) L15c TQ091388
Crown post barn,now converted for domestic use,but with some,possibly full,re-building.
Old Place L16c TQ104415
4 bay smoke bay house. Now clad in stone with applied decorative framing,but original framing to rear & side.
Old Place [Ellens Green] c1700 TQ097363
Small end chimney house with separate bakehouse and added wing.
Old Plough Farm L15c TQ101396
2 hall bays survive of half floored hall. 'Lost' bays rebuilt in 17c but narrower and with lower roof.
- Barn c1600 TQ103396
3 bay barn,c1600,with later alterations and added bays.
The Old Post Office L17c TQ091405
Small cottage with lateral chimney,possibly a wing to 'lost' part of house,replaced by later wing.
Old Rectory Barn L17c TQ092405
5 bay boarded barn with half-hipped,staggered butt purlin roof. Possibly made of pine.
Pipers Croft (Ellens Green) M16c TQ100355
Good example of 4 bay central smoke bay,with fine Horsham stone roof.
Pond Cottage - Barn E18c TQ092400
Two bay cart shed
Radnor House L17c TQ103426
- Woodshed L18c TQ103426
Late 18c open shelter set on sloping ground.
Rapsley M16c TQ079415
Substantial 5 bay smoke bay house with contemporary face wing.
- Barn L16c TQ079415
16c weatherboarded barn,converted for leisure use,with added lateral chimney
Robins Wood 17c TQ087412
Stone built end chimney house
Rumbeams Farm 18c TQ096393
- Barn 18c TQ095393
18th century 5 bay barn forms part of a planned yard.
- Cattle Shelter 18c TQ095393
18c cattle shed forming part of planned yard.
Sayers Croft Farm - Barn 17c TQ087403
17th century weatherboarded barn.
Spange Haw now The Old Forge (Smithy) 18c TQ088410
Former smithy,18c,but with jowled posts. Now attached to and part of 17c stone cottage
Tillhouse Farm c1570 TQ094361
Well preserved 4 bay smoke bay house.
- Barn E18c TQ094361
Early 18c cattle shed/implement shed.
Weavers c1600 TQ095395
16c style features suggest smoke bay house but no sooting to narrow bay which contains chimney.
Well Cottage L16c TQ090408
One and half storey,one bay, end smoke bay house with added external chimney,extra bay and roof raised. Once one with "Brackleys"
Westlands Farm 18c TQ099406
White Hart 15c TQ091408
No.1 White Hart c1800 TQ090407
No.3 White Hart Cottage E15c TQ090407
Terraced cottage,the oldest part originally a jettied stair turret to adjoining hall house. Later adapted as dwelling with 17c & 18c additions.
Nos.4/5 White Hart Cottage, now White Hart House E15c TQ091408
High status 4 bay hall house with jettied cross wing & stair turret.Unusual plan suggests special use. Survival of early features.
The Wicket Gate 17c TQ095395
Small cottage,converted early 18c from 17c barn.
Willow Cottage L18c TQ095395
Winton House c1500 TQ091406
Small (3 bay) but high quality hall house with internal jetty.
Woolpit Farm M16c TQ088424
House represents transitional stage in smoke control.Always floored,with wide (2m) 'smoke bay' with additional partitioning at first floor
Wykehurst Farmhouse L16c TQ077413
Substantial 5 bay central smokebay house with fine stone wing dated (datestone) 1691.
- Old Barn L16c TQ078413
Large 4 bay barn,probably 16c but with earlier features,now converted for occasional domestic use.
- Smaller Barn 18c TQ078413
3 bay barn built on brick plinth with added bay on stone plinth. Half-hipped roof with raking queen struts & ridge board.
Wyndrums - Hall range c1571 TQ089408
A hall house of 4 bays,2 open,and integral attics,that may have had smoke control from the outset.
Wyndrums - Jettied wing c1572 TQ089408
A 1½ bay jettied face wing,probably with a non-domestic purpose such as a shop.
Yard Farm c1600 TQ101404
3 bay central chimney house,c1600 but with earlier features including end jetty.
- Barn L18c TQ101403
5 bay threshing barn. Unusual roof structure with jowled Queen posts and two purlins on each side.
- Stable 18c TQ101403
3 bay stables with hayloft over.

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