53 buildings recorded in the parish of Epsom

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Abele Cottage,Nos.58/62 South Street c1600 TQ206603
Nos.11/13 Adelphi Road 19c TQ209609
Cedars Cottage E18c TQ212605
No.2 Chalk Lane E18c TQ207579
No.4 Chalk Lane E18c TQ207479
No.6 Chalk Lane E18c TQ207598
Nos.8-10 Chalk Lane L17c TQ207598
Originally a double piled house. In the early 19c divided into 2. Has attics & cellars.
No.25 College Road 19c TQ217603
Nos.67/69 Dorking Road 1776 TQ202599
Durdans - Grotto 19c TQ208593
Nos.33/35/37 East Street 19c TQ212611
Nos.42/44 East Street 19c TQ213611
Garden Cottages 19c TQ212612
No.2 Heathcote Road 19c TQ212605
The Hermitage c1600 TQ212607
No.94 High Street 19c TQ208608
No.128 High Street (Coffee House Row) 1695 TQ206607
Nos.10-12 Hook Road E19c TQ210611
Hope Lodge L17c TQ211608
Nos.10/12 Lintons Lane 19c TQ213613
Nos.11/13 Lintons Lane 18c TQ213613
Longdown Cottage,No.103 College Road E19c TQ224603
Melrose Cottage No.22 The Parade L17c TQ210615
Old Lodge 19c TQ196609
Orchard Cottage 18c TQ196606
Nos.24/26 The Parade 19c TQ211607
Pitt Place - Ice House 19c TQ214605
Nos.7-17 Prospect Place 19c TQ212610
Rose Cottage E19c TQ212610
Rosebery Cottage 1764 TQ211607
No.53 South Street The Shrubbery ? TQ206605
No.55 South Street L17c TQ205606
Nos.57 & 59 South Street L17c) TQ206605
No.73 South Street 17c TQ206603
Stone House, Church StreetL16cTQ213605
Waterloo House 1692 TQ207607
Nos.4/6 West Hill 19c TQ206607
Nos.10/12 West Hill E18c TQ204608
No.38 West Hill ? TQ201609
No.45 West Hill E18c TQ197607
West Hill House L17c TQ203609
West Park Farm 17c TQ191619
No.4a West Street ? TQ206608
Nos.6/8 West Street 19c TQ206608
No.10 West Street 19c TQ206608
No.11 West Street 1696 TQ205607
Woodcote Hall - Granary 19c TQ203604
Woodcote Park - Dove Cote 18c TQ200588
- Well House 18c TQ202585
No.10 Woodcote Road 19c TQ206599
Woodcote Side - Barn [Demolished 1978/79] L18c TQ200597
4-bay barn with one aisle,pantiles and weatherboarding.
Woodcote Villa L18c TQ206598
No.11 Worple Road 1868 TQ212603

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