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Bristows Cottage c1630 TQ239413
2 bays + half bay at each end. Built as a school c1630
Brittleware Farmhouse c1555 TQ247434
An exceptionally well preserved smoke bay in a well timbered 2½ storey house of 5 bays,2 of which are half bays in the centre.
- Barn [demolished] L16c TQ249429
3 bay boarded barn with tiled,gabled,clasped purlin roof. Re-built roof.
Brook Cottage c1548 TQ236411
The North end is a 2 bay hall house with one bay open to the roof,all simply built and apparently late.
Butternut 17c TQ242410
The Cage 18c TQ243412
Chantersluer c1508 TQ234439
A richly built 3 bay solar wing remains alongside a more fragmentary open hall.
- Barn 16c TQ234439
5 bays, two at one end are originally floored with outshot. Boarded, gabled,clasped purlin roof.
Chapel Farm L17c TQ247412
Charlwood Park (demolished) E19c TQ270415
Charlwood Place M17c TQ243418
An important house with 2 wings, on a moated site but severely damaged by fire c1660
Charlwood Place Farm c1596 TQ248409
A richly built,central chimney house of 2½ large bays,originally with service rooms probably to the rear.
- Barn 18c TQ247409
6 bay barn re-built using old & new timbers. Half-hipped.
- Granary E19c TQ248409
Church of St Nicholas E16c TQ240411
The Cottage - Main build No.2 The Street c1441 TQ241411
An unspoilt 3 bay (2 open) hall house,that post dates its supposed cross wing,so could be 'alternate re-build'.
The Cottage - Cross wing No.1 The Street c1402 TQ241411
A fine,3 bay cross wing (or possibly a separate house) with a number of early features.
The Cottage,Norwood Hill c1435 TQ242417
3 bays remain of medieval 4 bay hall house. The rear of a timber framed smoke hood remains behind the chimney
Dormer Cottage c1412 TQ242416
A good and complete example of 4 bay hall house
Eastlands c1600 TQ231419
Traditional plan of central chimney house with baffle entrance & stairs the other side of the chimney bay
Edolph L16c TQ243424
Smoke bay wing, to earlier house, now replaced. Old site. Very good quality
Elm Cottage c1700 TQ243411
Small cottage with brick front but other walls of light timber framing
Felbrook Cottage c1800 TQ241408
Forge [derelict] 19c TQ244411
Forge Cottage (demolished) c1600 TQ240412
The picture suggests a smoke bay house - now demolished
Fulbrook Cottage c1512 TQ240404
A sophisticated crown post house,with 2 bays remaining of the original presumed 3.
Gatwick Dairy Farm Granary (demolished) L18c TQ274426
Gildings Barn 17c TQ221419
Glebe Cattle Shelter 18c TQ239411
Glovers House E17c TQ235411
From the outside it looks Victorian; a back-to-back chimney remains & suggests a hall house
Greenings - North Wing c1539 TQ226417
Two remaining bays of a presumed 3 bay house,with clear evidence of an original smoke hood.
Greenings - South Wing c1728 TQ226417
A 2 bay central chimney addition to an earlier build.
- Barn, Main build c1539 TQ225417
The main part of a 3 bay threshing barn,with an added bay at one end and wrap-around outshots at the other.
- Barn, Added bay c1649 TQ226417
The added bay of the main,3 bay threshing barn.
- Ice House 18c TQ225416
Harrow House E17c TQ246412
Good timbers but later than many timber framed houses
Highworth Farm c1510 TQ231426
A fine,well preserved,late hall house, with classic plan.
- Barn A 18c TQ231427
5 bay barn with threshing floor. Added bay for stable. Gabled clasped purlin roof.
- Barn B 16c TQ231427
Originally 3 bays with hipped roof - now 5 bays with gables.
- Cartshed c1800 TQ231427
- Long Sheds E19c TQ231427
Hillands c1533 TQ228401
Richly ornamented 4 bay house with 2 bay open hall; However the solar roof is turned to give a 2 bay cross wing.
- Barn [moved from Suffolk] ? TQ227401
3 bay barn with jowl posts in two trusses but re-roofed. Moved from Sussex and re-built.
Hookwood Cottage E17c TQ264434
Central chimney house, the chimney having its own, small, timber framed bay
Hookwood House c1600 TQ264433
A large high house of quality; suggests central chimney plan but chimney removed early
- Small Barn ? TQ264433
Gabled weatherboarded barn. No further details recorded.
- Stable 1741 TQ264433
Hookwood Manor [Pixtons] 15c TQ266428
A 4 bay hall house, with a 2 bay rear wing added to form a kitchen, one bay of which being a smoke bay
The Hopps c1625 TQ265437
Traditional central chimney plan, back-to-back chimneys. Baffle entry, & stairs the other side of chimney bay
Hunts c1550 TQ242412
Probably originally a hall house which had good quality wing added c1600 followed by replacement of hall
Kings Whim E18c TQ243408
Lane View Cottage [dem] c1840 TQ238411
Laurel Cottage c1500 TQ240413
Small 2 bay hall house, now used as DBRG 'logo'!
Little Dolby c1497 TQ241407
An attractive and well-preserved 3 bay crown post house with a 2 bay open hall.
Manor House c1463 TQ241413
A 4 bay hall house with heavy timbers and crown posts in the first build and both later wings.
Mores Farm M15c TQ243412
A two bay house, one bay was open. Smoke bay added to end outside & chimney added beyond smoke bay
The Morgans c1583 TQ243433
A well preserved 2½ bay smoke bay house with several interesting carpentry features.
- Small Barn L16c TQ243433
2 bay barn with gabled raking queen strut roof. Some re-used timbers.
Old Bakehouse c1446 TQ243408
Two bays remain,probably from an early 3 bay house,with bays added at each end.
Old Rosemary Cottage - Privy ? TQ244412
No.2 Old Rosemary Cottages c1642 TQ244412
An attractive,largely unchanged little cottage of 2 bays, with an additional half bay for an end smoke bay,still visible in the framing.
Pagewood Cottage c1705 TQ239413
An attractive 2 unit lateral chimney house,the hearth taking 1+half bays of 2+half.
Pagewood House c1452 TQ238413
A high quality 4 bay (2 open) hall house with an ornamental dais end and a fine cruciform crown post.
Povey Cross House c1600 TQ267423
Good quality traditional 2½ bay smoke bay house
Primrose Cottage M15c TQ238411
Tiny mediaeval cottage, originally two bays, one open
Providence Chapel L18c TQ246412
Ricketts Wood Farm 18c TQ232433
- Granary 20c TQ232433
Ringers Farm 17c TQ239408
A smoke bay house with many changes & additions.
Robins Farm c1505 TQ238409
An open hall house with only 1 central bay (of 3) and side purlins,both features unusual in a Charlwood hall house.
- Barn L16c TQ238410
3 bay boarded barn. Modern roof. No peg holes in tie beams. Unusual bracing in end trusses & back wall.
Roundabout c1730 TQ239430
A near symmetrical small house of brick outer walls and timber framed inner walls
Slaughterwicks Barn L18c TQ236430
Spencers c1650 TQ250426
Earliest build was 2 bays and an end outside chimney (timber framed)
Spicers Farm c1600 TQ246409
Small low 3 bay cottage, probably with timber chimney, but no positive evidence. 18c brick house to the front
- Barn c1500 TQ246408
4 bay barn, 3 bays crown post,1 added with raking queen struts.
- Granary 17c TQ246409
Spottles Farm M15c TQ244414
A long,low four bay house, 2 bays open now reroofed
Spring Cottage L17c TQ239413
Staggers Avon E18c TQ241415
Stan Hill Cottage E17c TQ238417
Good quality 2 bay house built with local stone to the ground floor
Sun Cottage E17c TQ243412
Small two & half bay cottage with an end chimney, possibly a smoke bay originally
Swan Cottage c1460 TQ246413
A remarkably complete,very small,mediaeval cottage with only two bays one of which was open to the roof.
Tanyard Farm c1600 TQ238410
Smallhouse,2.5 bays including smoke bay, with earlier truss forming rear wall
- Barn 16c TQ238410
4 bay boarded barn. Half-hipped roof, not original.
Temple Bar House E15c TQ242411
Open hall, probably 4 bays, one of which replaced. Steep roof. Several changes.
Tifters E15c TQ245408
3 bays remain of a very fine, early 4 bay hall house, the 4th bay replaced by 2 bay wing of early 1600s.
Tifters Farm - Barn L17c TQ245408
3 bay timber framed barn with one added bay. Half-hipped,clasped purlin roof with raking queen struts & ridge board.
Tudor Cottage c1550 TQ243412
A low two bay house once thought to be built with smoke hood but now believed to have been a one bay hall first
Two Stacks c1575 TQ236412
A smoke bay house, with added bay and exterior end chimneys
United Reformed Church L19c TQ242409
Vintners Wells & Mytten Croft M15c TQ242408
High quality 2 bay wing of earlier house. Position of hall house not known but lateral chimney of wing is back to back with early 17c bays
- Barn c1600 TQ242408
3 bay barn. Roof gabled with raking queen struts and wind braces. One added bay.
Weavers Cottage E15c TQ243407
A low small house of 3 bays, possibly another bay demolished, then early 17c wing
Welland Barn - Barn 18c TQ234406
Westlands M16c TQ225399
An early smoke bay house of good size & quality
Westlands Farm, Hookwood 17c TQ264431
2 bay house, small, weatherboarded outside, rendered inside, thought to be covering timber framing
- Barn & Granary M19c TQ263431
5 bay barn with kingpost roof.
Westlands Farm,Russ Hill M17c TQ224398
A 2 bay house with outside chimney of mid 1600s with catslide outshot
Woodlands 16c TQ261432
A well preserved central smoke bay house with rear stair turret
Yew Tree Cottage ? TQ245411
Yew Tree Cottage [demolished] 1736 TQ273402

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