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Aldhurst Farm L15c TQ186406
The oldest part of a rare and well preserved "Triple House" farmstead
Aldhurst Farm - later c1550 TQ186406
The later parts of a rare and well-preserved 'Triple House' farmstead.
- Old Barn [demolished] E16c TQ185405
3 bay barn with hipped,crown post roof. Walls still have wattle & daub nogging.
- Silo Barn [demolished] L16 TQ186406
6 bay barn including one added bay and one rebuilt.
Nos.1/2 Bakers Cottages c1550 TQ175411
A 3 bay end smoke bay house with 17c added parlour bay & one storey bakehouse
Bay Cottage L17c
Attractively tile-hung with brick below, a 2 bay end chimney house with attic.
Bennetts Castle c1750 TQ176407
Brick built double pile central chimney house, part hung with mathematical tiles, & Victorian extension
Bonnetts L16c TQ168377
Fine late 16c central chimney house with remains of mediaeval solar wing
- Barn E17c TQ168377
3 bay threshing barn with boarded floor
- Granary 19c TQ168377
No.2 Britannia Cottages E17c TQ176408
Small 2 bay chimney house with late 17c rear face wing & Victorian cross wings
Brockholt c1630 TQ176409
3 builds. One build has mediaeval joists in two bays (reused?) & mullion window but no other mediaeval features. A difficult house
Broomells Farm L18c TQ185415
- Barn ? TQ185415
3 bay timber threshing barn. Roof gabled,clasped purlins,raking queen struts. No datable features except jowled posts.
- Granary M19c TQ185415
Chasemores M17c TQ194438
A 4 bay timber framed house with later additions in brick and stone
Chestnut House E19c TQ176407
Brick house with shallow hipped slate roof & part walls covered with mathematical tiles
Church of St John the BaptistTQ176408
   Porch roof1403-1435
   Chancel roof1397-1437
Churchgardens Farm E17c TQ176408
Clarks Green Farm 18c TQ173402
Clock House c1554 TQ175388
An interesting,fairly complete,early chimney house with smoke bay period features.
Ewekenes Farmhouse 1723 TQ174417
Brick external walls,timber framed partitions. Unusual plan. Symmetrical. Appears to be 2 semi-detached homes (built as such)
- Barn E18c TQ174417
3 bay timber framed barn with one added bay. Clasped purlins & raking queen struts.
Friends Meeting House 1724 TQ175405
Hatchlands c1640 TQ185404
2 bays with end chimney & outshot
Highland Cottage E14c TQ150432
An early house,relatively unspoiled,wide - low
Jolly Farmers Cottage & Spring Cottage c1800 TQ176406
Brick and tile-hung former beer shop
Ketleas c1389 TQ183425
An attractive,ancient,cottage of apparently only 2 bays,of which one was open.
Knoll Farm 1630 TQ166387
Timber framed central chimney house with 19c alterations and additions
Lime Burners L18c TQ177424
Row of three brick built cottages (former beer shop)
Lodge Farm (demolished) 16c TQ191406
Lower Gages E16c TQ183377
Fine 2 bay open hall house with added bay and outshots
- Barn E17c TQ183379
3 bay barn,gabled,clasped purlin roof. Posts jowled except one in an inner truss.
Misbrooks Cottage M17c TQ183411
Two bay timber framed house with outside end chimney
Misbrooks Farm L15c TQ183412
Fine hall house with two cross wings & stair turret
No.2 Morden Cottages c1800 TQ177412
One of three brick and tile-hung cottages
Mulberry House L18c TQ175404
18c end chimney cottage with built up outshot and modern rear wing
The Old House, No.74 The Street c1374 TQ177406
A well preserved,early,4 bay hall house with archaic features.
Old Mead E16c TQ173394
Imposing probable courtyard house of seven (?) builds with external jetty
The Old Post Office, formerly Homeleigh after 1552 TQ176405
An end-smoke-bay house with a Horsham stone roof.
The Old Smithy c1600 TQ176405
3 bay timber frame house with probable smoke bay & early outshot
Osbrooks M16c TQ167384
Imposing central house of many builds with evidence of former smoke bay
- Barn 18c TQ167383
Parsonage Farm - Farm Buildings ? TQ179407
- Threshing Barn L17c TQ179407
4 bay gabled barn with jowled posts possibly renewed.
Petersfield Farm E17c TQ185446
Early 17c parlour wing to a probable 14c hall house, with later additions
- Barn 17c TQ185446
Large five bay barn with hipped added bay
- Cowshed ? TQ185446
- Granary ? TQ185446
- Pigsties ? TQ185446
Phyllsbrook E15c TQ183384
Unspoilt 4 bay hall house,floored both ends, with complete original timber frame
Pleystowe Farm - Barn c1400 TQ179394
A three bay mediaeval threshing barn with long passing beams and crown post roof
- Black Barn 18c TQ185393
Five bay boarded threshing barn
Pleystowe House 19c TQ189393
Ridge Farm M17c TQ181377
Fine 3 bay 'parlour' wing to probable re-roofed 2 bay hall house
- Barn 17c TQ181377
Originally a 3 bay barn 17c. Now extended at both ends and used as a music room.
Rugge Farm - Barn 16c --
4 bay boarded barn,hipped,clasped purlin roof.
Rushetts E16c TQ186402
Original one bay open hall house with added smoke bay across passage + 'new' kitchen bay & later additions
Ryersh Barn [demolished] L17c TQ170412
Ryersh Cottage 19c TQ170412
Single storey cottage built in rat-trap bond
Taylors - West Wing c1345 TQ182387
An extraordinary ancient 2 bay open hall,with apparently no floored ends,now a 'service wing' to a later build.
Taylors - Main Range c1457 TQ182387
A fine 2 bay open hall between cross wings of different builds.
Taylors - East Wing c1635 TQ182387
A 3 bay,jettied,parlour wing with dropped tie construction and stair turret.
- Barn E16c TQ182387
3 bay 16c barn,one bay added, then 2 bays added to other end in 18c.
Temple Barn M17c TQ192397
5 bay timber framed barn & 3 bay brick & timber stable converted to house
Temple Elfande c1572 TQ192396
A large and tall Yeoman's house of 2 builds,thought to be co-eval,with many unusual and original features.
- Barn E17c TQ191397
4 bay boarded barn. Gabled roof with clasped purlins,collars & queen struts.
Wattlehurst M15c TQ165374
Two bay hall house with added parlour wing & later brick 'house' built in the angle (now forming together a square)
- Granary 18c TQ165374
- Hay Barn E18c TQ163374
2 bay boarded barn. Originally gabled roof but now has added half-hipped bay with brick end wall.
- Threshing Barn E17c TQ165374
3 bay boarded barn with 2 added bays at one end & one at the other. Gabled,clasped purlin roof.
Yew Tree Cottage E17c TQ177412
Two bay timber framed outside end chimney house

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