27 buildings recorded in the parish of Artington (Guildford)

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Artington Cottage L16c SU994478
A 4 bay timber framed central smoke bay house with added bay and outshots replacing earlier house.
Artington Manor Farm c1600 SU992476
A late 16c central chimney house with 17c,18c & 19c additions, turned, to make a Regency/Victorian house.
- Granary 17c SU992476
A square timber framed 1st floor granary with external steps,over a store.
Braboeuf Lodge c1857 SU994485
A mid 19c stone "Gothick fantasy" cottage,with brick quoins.
Brickfields Farm L16c SU984468
A 2½ bay timber framed house with end smoke bay,now stone clad,outshots.
Little Cottage E16c SU982476
A 3 bay very early open hall house,2 bays open,soon converted to 2 cottages with smoke hoods.
Nos 8/9 Littleton Lane L15c SU982474
An early 4 bay open hall house,now divided,with some base crucks and crown struts,some with braces.
Nos.22/23 Littleton Lane 16c SU982473
A 3 bay mediaeval house.with 2 bay open hall and internal jetty,completely reroofed. Now divided in two.
Long Meadow 15c SU983475
4 bay open hall house,2 bays open,one hipped end now gabled. Square framing added to front.Cedar shingle tile hanging.
Loseley House - roof only 1563 SU976472
A Grade I listed building - E plan. Only roof studied.
- Dove Cote 18c SU965472
A square stone building, ? a dwelling. Outside ladder to first floor,now a store,from where dove cote reached by a furtherladder.
- Gazebo [South Bothy] 18c SU976471
A square stone building with 1954 cottage adjoining incorporated into it.Back chimney to upper room.Complementing North Bothy & Dove Cote.
- North Bothy [Gazebo] 18c SU977472
A smaller square building on 2 floors,similar to South Bothy & Dove Cote.Back chimney.Internal stairs.Blocked external first floor door.
Nos.1/2 Moat Cottages E18c SU974463
A pair of small cottages,1 up 1 down,built into Tudor estate wall,enlarged and now one house.
- The Kennels, Yard 18c SU974463
A range of single storey buildings adapted from open shed,now enclosed.2 internal drainage channels.
Old Friars L15c SU993480
A 4 bay hall house,2 bays open.One hipped end extended to gable.Modern decorative framing to added front gable.
Orange Court Farm - Barn E15c SU982474
5 bay barn,opposing central entrances.Original crown post roof replaced by half hipped roof,staggered butt purlins & rafters,raking queen struts.
Orange Grove 17c SU984475
A 17c central chimney house with Victorian style additions disguising its original appearance.
Pillar Box Cottage c1500 SU981476
1 bay remains of open hall.Added cross wing,c1600,linked by chimney.Added bay in similar style,20C.
Rushy Platt Farm Cottage E19c SU980474
A 2 roomed,2 storey rendered chalk cottage,brick quoins,with rear stair turret.Added outshot with bedroom over & small boarded barn.
No.3 St Catherines Hill 17c SU993483
One half of a 3 bay timber framed house,divided centrally,terraced,with outshot extended and built up.
No.5a St Catherines Hill L17c SU994483
One half,with No.6, of an end chimney house with 2 storey back wing.
No.6 St Catherines Hill L17c SU994483
One half,with No.5a,of an end chimney house with added bay and outshot.
The Shielings c1550 SU993477
A 3 bay,half floored hall,partly re-roofed with added early 18c wing.
Stakescorner Cottage 18c SU983466
A brick estate cottage,2 up 2 down,extending into adjoining single storey workshop.
- Bothy 18c SU983466
A 3 bay cattle type shelter,open on two sides,forming part of the yard.
Willowmede E17c SU982475
A 4 bay central chimney house with added outshot,stair turret,back wing and lean-to bay.

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