59 buildings recorded in the parish of Abinger

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Abinger Arms c1500 TQ096475
A half-floored open hall with service bay,a later bay & 17c wing,both timber framed. Many later additions.
Abinger Hall - Ice House L18c TQ105473
An egg-shaped brick ice house,facing East,in a mound,deliberately shaded by trees,entered by covered brick tunnel.
Abinger Mill House c1600 TQ110471
A 5 bay central chimney house with stair turret. Much now brick and stone clad. Attic added.
Birketts Farm E17c TQ122424
3 bay central chimney house with porch and stair turret in one; wing, added bay and later brick outshot.
- North East Barn 17c TQ122423
A 17c "bank" barn,stable block at right angles,small lean-to,2 end bays with chimney=? once tack room.
- South Barn 18c TQ122423
A 3 bay barn with two outshots,end added bay,partly rebuilt.
Black & White Cottage c1608 TQ132387
An almost perfect 2½ bay,central service bay,cottage with one added bay.
Bridgham Farm - Phase 1 L16c TQ120403
One bay plus smoke bay added to surviving cross wing of mediaeval house.
Bridgham Farm - Phase 2 15c TQ120403
The two bay parlour wing of a house now replaced by a later building.
- Threshing barn 18c TQ120405
A 3 bay boarded threshing barn. Raking queen struts,clasped purlin roof - much rebuilt. Now part of house.
Bridgham Farm Cottage L18c TQ120403
Three unit two storey building of brick & timber construction.Now a cottage but originally perhaps a dairy with storage above.No chimneys!
Castle Cottage E17c TQ137403
A 2 bay smoke hood house; a later 17c 2 bay wing at right angles,joined by backing hearths in the gap and hood area.
Cobbetts Farm L16c TQ110407
A 2 bay parlour wing to earlier house, rebuilt in 17c with chimney between the two wings. End extended approx half metre. Half storey attic.
Crossways Farm 1620 TQ108473
3 bay stone house with brick dressings, outside back chimneys,2 storey porch. Contemporary timber framed service wing.
- Implement Shed ? TQ108473
A stone & weatherboarded implement shed,possibly thatched. Incomplete report.
- Large Barn M17c TQ108473
A 6 bay aisled barn,with 2 entrances each side,those on N side with porches,previously thatched.
Fishfold Farm c1580 TQ132398
A 2 bay central smokebay house,with added bay,outshot and chimneys.
Forest Green House 18c TQ119414
A double piled brick house of 2 storeys & a cellar. An earlier slate roof is under a tiled roof. Many 18c features.
Froggetts Farm E17c TQ114383
A 3 bay parlour wing to a rebuilt earlier house. Backing hearths join the two. Dropped and interrupted ties provide attic space.
- Granary L18c TQ114383
A square granary on brick stilts with stone caps. Coupled rafters at tie beam level,end one tie beam across.
Goddards - Lower Barn L17c TQ120455
A 4 bay Sussex barn,moved and altered by Lutyens. The end splayed to suit.
Gosterwood Manor Farm c1550 TQ131407
A 2 bay house with end smoke bay,added kitchen wing,chimney and outshots.
- Granary E19c TQ132407
A square granary with pyramidal roof on cast iron mushroom shaped staddles; originally boarded inside,with grain bins.
- Hay Barn E18c TQ132407
A 5 bay single aisled barn with a smaller barn on the end. It has butt rafters and some sagging braces.
Grasmere L18c TQ096474
A lap boarded cottage,parallel to the road; added crosswing and workshop behind. Once a wheelwright's and post office.
Hackhurst Farm M16c TQ097480
3 bay farmhouse with added built up dairy and 18c addition. Ladder and removable floor section for raising furniture.
- Granary E19c TQ098480
1865 Sale Catalogue says "granary on pillars fitted with bins".
Hackhurst Farm Cottage c1600 TQ097480
A 2 bay timber framed smoke hood cottage with outshot & added bays.
High Hackhurst E17c TQ096478
A 2 bay back chimney house with parallel kitchen wing, chimney bay between.
Leasers Barn 19c TQ110482
A 6 bay barn, 5 bays open to yard, with small 4 bay fodder store at end.
Little Meadows L16c TQ120383
A 2 bay house with end smoke bay, with 17c timber framed back wing. Chimney inserted in smoke bay.
Longfield Farm 18c TQ128447
An 18c stone cottage with back outshot raised to 2 storeys.
Lowerhouse Farm 15c TQ115391
Part of a 2 bay hall,joined at right angles to a 3 bay hall house,possibly replacing the former's end.
Lyefield Farm L15c TQ112405
A 2 bay hall (altered) with contemporary cross wings of 2 and 3 bays. Once in Ockley parish
May's Cottage E17c TQ119383
A 2 bay end chimney house with original entrance beside chimney. Roof rebuilt. Modern additions.
Motts Cottage c1660 TQ120455
A 3 bay timber framed house with internal chimney,one bay rebuilt with additional bay. Modern roof levelled over old.
The Old Bakehouse L17c TQ126447
A 2 bay,one and half storey stone house, probably second half 17c,with modern additions.
Paddington Farm E16c TQ101470
A fine mediaeval 3 bay hall house with integral jettied 4 bay wings.
- Barn E17c TQ100471
A 5 bay barn with mediaeval features,added bays,outshots and milking parlour at right angles.
- Granary L18c TQ101471
A 3 bay rectangular hipped granary on brick staddles,brick nogged,pebble dashed externally.
- Stable 19c? TQ101471
A 6 bay stable block,timber framed with brick cladding;one bay floored. Possibly reconstructed in 19c.
Parkhurst Cottage L18c TQ122449
A single storey cottage converted from a long farm building in stable yard,with coach house and stable opposite(1911).
- Well House pre1870 TQ122449
A nearly square enclosed well house with pyramidal roof. Ironstone paved circle outside, possibly for horse gin.
Pisley Farm M17c TQ128399
A 2 bay end chimney house with added bay and outshot,possibly original. Hearth beam date seems later
Pond Head Farm E14c TQ118397
A 2 bay "parlour" wing,14c,with rebuilt roof. Beside it a late 15c 3 bay hallhouse with 17c 2 bay extension.
Smoke Jack Farm c1600 TQ119373
A 2½ bay smoke bay house with added bay and parlour wing. Large stack in gap between house and wing.
Spring Cottage L17c TQ128448
A 2 bay stone & brick end chimney house with modern additions.
Sunnyside [rebuilt] 17c TQ122453
A Grade II listed building whose roof and some walls had collapsed. 2 bay end chimney. It was being "extensively redesigned".
No.2 Tile Cottages & Woodruff L16c TQ095475
A 3 bay central smoke bay house, late 16c,with 17c added house and 19c added house. Now only two.
Tillies Cottage L16c TQ124411
A 2½ bay end smoke bay house with first entrance beside hearth. Roof timbers re-used from crown post open hall.
Volvens c1623 TQ133405
A very handsome & complete central chimney house of 3½ bays & 2½ storeys,with a face gable.
- Barn L17c TQ136405
A 4 bay threshing barn with attached 2 bay stable at right angles.
- Cartshed & granary 1851 TQ136405
An open stone cartshed with boarded granary,containing bins, in roof, approached by ladder.
- Stables 1811 TQ136405
A 2 bay stable for draught horses,with hay loft over one bay,timber framed over high stone sill. Now a cottage.
Wallis Wood Farm E15c TQ116383
4 bays remain of early 15c hall house with possible solar bay rebuilt in 17c. Many modern additions.
Wastlands c1600 TQ118398
A 2½ bay end smoke bay house with added porch and brick additions.
Waterlands Farm M16c TQ117409
A T-shaped 3 bay house with 2 bay back wing; large smoke bay joins the two with inserted backing hearths.
- North Barn L16c TQ118409
A 3 bay barn with added bay to East,and later 2 floored additions to West.
- Old Barn L16c TQ118409
A 3 bay barn with added bay on high stone sill and rebuilt roof

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