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The mediaeval roof type most easily recognised in Surrey is the CROWN POST ROOF. Rafter pairs are joined by a collar, the collars are supported by a single, central collar purlin which is in turn held in place by a crown post.

Crown post roofs are comparatively decorative, as may be seen from the many examples which survive in Surrey's churches. In houses, particular care was taken over the pattern created by braces to the crown post in the end walls of an open hall. Even greater care was taken over the crown post and braces of the open truss in the centre of a two bay hall, with more elaborate bracing or a moulded capital to the post. Sometimes the corners of the post were chamfered to form an octagon, or rebated completely to create a post which was cruciform in plan. All these details are important and need to be recorded. The crown post roof ceased to be constructed when open hall houses became redundant, c1550.

Crown Post roof (collar purlins)

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