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DBRG News Index 1984 - 2006

compiled by Carol Martin
An abbreviated index listing only the more interesting items.


YearIssuePageSubject YearIssuePageSubject
1986July18Devon visit 1988July6Shamley visit
1990July15Cumbria visit 1990July24Godalming visit
1998October7Jersey visit 2000January2Charlwood visit
2002January6Jersey visit 2002June19Reigate visit - A.G.M.
2003June19Shere visit - A.G.M. 2004June16Horsham visit
2004October11Bramley visit 2006June9Lingfield visit - AGM
2007January10Guernsey visit 2007October14Ockham - A.G.M. visit
2007October16St Bartholomew's Church,Burstow 2007October19Smallfield Place,Smallfield


YearIssuePageSubject YearIssuePageSubject
1989July19Probate Inventories 2002June10Probate inventory transcripts
2005January2What is a Probate Inventory? 2006October11-14Discussion day with Dr. Janet Pennington
2007January2Probate Inventory project


YearIssuePageSubject YearIssuePageSubject
2001October1Peter Gray - obituary 2002January2Eric Mercer - obituary
2004June2Joan Harding - obituary 2005January1Marion Herridge - obituary
2007July1Jack Miller - obituary


YearIssuePageSubject YearIssuePageSubject
1984January21774 Building Regulations 1984August5Carron Ironwork Company
1985January5Winchester Pipe Rolls - Farnham 1987January12Building Terms Quiz
1987July2Winchester Pipe Rolls - Farnham & Headley 1988October4Questions & Answers
1988October19Winchester Pipe Rolls - Farnham timber 1989July2Maps
1991October10Helen Allingham - The Marley collection 1992January2Joan Harding's M.B.E.
1992June2Recording brick buildings 1992June10Old Leatherhead to Guildford road
1992June16'Brentwood' Carpenters' marks 1992October2Timber Day - Singleton
1992October11Metric v Imperial 1994January14Shere Treasure Hunt
1994June2Charlwood houses near runway 1995June3Recording
1995June8Soapmaking,West Horsley 1996January2DBRG, 25 years on
1997June3Churchyards yews 1997June8Scribed & painted symbols
1998January10Spiritual middens - magic marks & items 1998January12Brooking collection
1999January2Heather thatch - Pirbright 1999January6Lost cottages
2000October2Tickbox forms 2002October10Building accounts
2003January19Peter Gray Memorial Lectures 2004October3Carpenters' marks
2004October18Pound values - 1500-1994 2005January16The 'Farnham Hundred'
2005June9Dating fixtures & fittings 2006January1Jean Shelley's memoirs
2006June7Helen Allingham 2006October6DBRG - early days, Victoria Houghton
2006June6Early days in DBRG - Carol Martin 2007January9Joan at Juniper Hall, Anne Grace
2007July3A notable milestone 2007July13Researching buildings and their occupants

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