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DBRG News Index 1984 - 2006

compiled by Carol Martin
An abbreviated index listing only the more interesting items.


YearIssuePageSubject YearIssuePageSubject
1985January10Smoke control 1985October7Smoke control
1987January5Wattle or Lath? 1987October9Scarfing joints
1987October9Scarfing joints 1987October11Brick arches
1988January5Brick arches 1988January15Brick arches
1988July4Raising a barn 1988July14Jetties
1988October20Scarf joints 1989July6Late clasped purlin roofs
1989July16Long passing braces 1989October1Windows,with/without glass
1989October14Clasped purlin roofs 1990October2Bricks & brick making
1990October17Chamfers & stops 1991January3Roof trusses
1991January19'Lascelles' patent roof tiles 1991June2Infill materials/timber frames
1991June17'Hanging' tiles 1992February15Smoke hoods/smoke bays
1994January2Vertical sliding windows 1994October2Mathematical tiles
1995January6No tie beam roofs 1995October4Cob/Pisé-de-terre
1996January9Cast iron fire surrounds 1996October10Double smoke hoods/smoke bays
1997 January11Water reed walling 1997June8Pre-cast reed panels
1998June6Carpenters' marks 1999June9Reversed assembly roofs
2002January17Detached kitchens 2002June6Aisled houses
2002June14Detached kitchens 2002October2Horsham stone
2002October2Smoke control - barrels 2003January1Horsham stone
2003October6Jetty/Overshot cross passage 2004January18Clay dabbins
2004October3First thoughts on Carpenter's Marks 2006June13Green oak
2006June15Floor construction 2006October15Panelled & arcaded chimney stacks
2006October17Puddingstone & Sarsen

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