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DBRG News Index 1984 - 2006

compiled by Carol Martin
An abbreviated index listing only the more interesting items.


1984January6Prof. Meirion Jones on: 'Breton Houses'
1988January4Richard Harris on: 'The Reigate House at Singleton'
1989January6John Blair on: 'English Manor House Planning 1100-1350'
1990January18Prof. Meirion Jones on: 'The Vernacular Architecture of Brittany'
1991January16Dr. Peter Brandon on: 'Surrey's Historic Countryside'
1992January14Richard Harris on: 'Bayleaf, Singleton'
1993January12David Martin on: 'So who lived in a house like this?'
1994January17Sarah Pearson on: 'Mediaeval Houses in Kent'
1995January13John Warren on: 'Crown Posts - the beginning & the end'
1996October11Peter Smith on: 'The Architectural Personality of Britain'
1998January8Timothy Easton on: 'Spiritual Middens, magic marks & items'
1999January6Bob Machin on: 'The Lost Cottages of England'
2001June3Edward Roberts on: 'The use of Tree ring dating in old houses - some Hampshire examples'
2002January22Chris Howkins on: 'Plants used in old cottages'
2003January10Sarah Pearson on: 'Dendrochronology - Problems & Possibilities'
2004January17Dr. Annabelle Hughes on: 'Horsham - A Town & its buildings'
2005January10Sam Osmund on: 'Harold Falkner, architect (1875-1963)'
2006January11Joe Thompson on: 'The Carpenter's System'

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