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Compiled by Martin Higgins
The website of the Stone Roofing Association is a guide to the geological, historical and current sources of stone slate in the British Isles.
One of its pages - A tour of the Stone Slate regions - deals with Horsham in some detail.

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ParishAddressGrid refDate
AbingerAbinger Lane, Church of St James  
 Abinger Lane, Church of St James, lychgate  
 Abinger Lane, Goddards  
 Abinger Lane, Goddards, barn  
 Abinger Lane, High Barn   
 Abinger Lane, St James’ Well  
 Forest Green Road, Waterland Farm HouseTQ117409M16c
 Forest Green, Collins Farm House  
 Lyefield Lane, CobbettsTQ1104071620
 Mole Street, VolvensTQ133405E17c
 Oakwood Hill Road, Hale House 18C
 Oakwood Hill Road, The Punchbowl  
 Pisley Farm Road, Pisley Farm HouseTQ128399M17c
 Forest Green, Pond Head Lane, Bridgeham Farm House  
 Mayes Green, Pond Head Lane, Westlands  
 Ruchmans Lane, Ruchmans Farm House  
 Walliswood, Ives Farm House  
 Walliswood, Tillies CottageTQ124411L16c
 Crossways FarmTQ108473c1620
AlfoldChurch of St Nicholas  
 Church of St Nicholas, Path  
BetchworthChurch Street, Church of St Michael  
 Church Street, Church of St Michael, lychgate 19C
 Old Reigate Road, Tranquil HouseTQ21250419C? house 1773?
 Wonham Lane, More PlaceTQ215499c1460
BletchingleyBrewer Street, Brewer Street Farmhouse Med
Bramley Church of Holy Trinity  
  Rooks Hill, Fanesbridge Cottage  
  Graffam, Horsham Road, Church of St Andrew, lychgate  
BurstowCoopers Hill Road, Doggetts  
 Cogmans Lane, Cogmans Farmhouse Med
 Smallfield PlaceTQ32743216c
 Rookery Hill, Rookery Farm House Med
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