Illustrated glossary of architectural terms

We have begun to compile an on-line glossary of the architectural terms
used in our reports on the buildings which we record.

Although the timber-framing terms will not seek to be as comprehensive as the
glossary published by the Council for British Archaeology (see Booklist)
our glossary will also include terms used in Brick & Stone buildings

We plan to provide photographs in addition to line drawings to illustrate
actual occurrences of some of the features described, but while the glossary
is being compiled some terms will be undefined or not illustrated .

We hope visitors to this website, and particularly those newly interested in
the subject of Domestic Architecture, will find this new component of our website
both helpful and instructive.

These terms are grouped in 6 categories, listed below.
If you are not certain which category applies, use the Alphabetical Index
to take you directly to the category which includes that feature.

House types
Roof types
Roof structures
Timber framing - basic terms
Timber framing - other terms
Brickwork & Stonework

Click on any coloured term to display an illustration.

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We would be very grateful for any comments and/or suggestions.

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