Illustrated glossary of architectural terms


House types

  H denotes Hearth

The following ranges of probable dates of construction refer only to Surrey.
Open hall (up to 1540)
    Characteristically a 4 bay house with 2 central bays open to the roof, and central hearth.
Half-floored hall (1500 - 1540)
    Open hall house with upper storey of one central bay floored.
Smoke bay house (1530 -1620)
    A short bay (central or end) sealed off from the upper part of the house as an escape for smoke.
Smoke hood house (1530 -1620)
    A timber-framed enclosure supported on the mantle beam of the hearth and tapering to
an outlet on the roof - intermediary between Smoke bay and Chimney.
NOTE: The fundamental difference between a smoke bay and a smoke hood is that
the hood is inserted into a bay and is not a bay itself.
Chimney house (1550 onwards)
    Brick built flue, central or end.

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