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Buildings which have been Tree-ring dated by this project

(Dendrochronology is for the most part by Tree-Ring Services, from whom detailed reports on each building can be obtained.)

The dates shown are felling dates for the timbers in the first phase of the building.
Sometimes only a range of possible dates can be given.
Construction dates would normally be soon after the Timber Felling date.

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ParishBuildingTimber Felling date(s)Photos
ABINGERBlack & White Cottagewinter 1607/8
    - chimney bressumerwinter 1690/91(spot date)
Snowhill Cottagewinters 1594/5,1595/6
    - western bayspring 1617
Volvens Farm
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winter 1622/3
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winter 1588/9
CAPELParish Church - nave roof
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1397-1429 (2 spot dates)
    - chancel roof1405-1437 (spot date)
    - west porch1403-1435 (3 spot dates)
Clock Housewinter 1553/54
The Old Housewinters 1371/72, 1373/74
The Old Post Officeafter 1552 (spot date)
Taylors - west wingwinter 1344/5
    - hall range1454-1480
    - east wingwinter 1626/58 (spot dates)
Temple Elfandewinter 1571/2
CHARLWOODParish Church - south aisle roof
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    - chancel roof1509-1541 (spot date)
    - old chancel roof1480-1512 (spot date)
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spring/summer 1555
Brook Cottage - north endwinter 1547/8
Chantersluer Farm - cross wingwinter 1507/8
   - hall range1497-1523 (spot date)
   - chimney bressumer1541-1573 (spot date)
Charlwood Place Farmwinter 1595/6
The Cottage,Norwood Hillsummer 1435
The Cottage,The Street - main rangewinter 1439/41
    - cross wingwinter 1401/2
Dormer Cottagewinter 1411/2
Fulbrook Cottage1503-1535
    - inserted floor1525-27 (spot date)
Greenings - main rangewinters 1534/5, 1538/9
The earliest felling dates for a smoke bay house
    - south wingspring/summer 1726,winter 1727/8
Greenings Farm - Barnwinter 1538/9
    - added bay (west)winter 1648/9
Highworth Farm1510-1531
    - inserted floor1534-1566 (spot date)
Hillandswinter 1532/3
Little Dolbywinter 1496/7
The Manor House1454-1486
Morgans1583-1602 (2 spot dates)
Old Bakehouse1437-69 (2 spot dates)
Old Rosemary Cottagewinter 1641/2
Pagewood Cottagewinter 1704/5
Pagewood Housewinter 1451/2
    - inserted floorwinter 1548/9
Robins Farmwinter 1504/5
Swan Cottagewinter 1459/60
    - inserted floor1541/1573 (spot date)
HOLMWOODWaterlands Farmwinter 1589/90
LEIGHOld Swains Farmwinter 1469/70
Park House Farm1364-1396 (2 spot dates)
NEWDIGATEParish Church - timber tower
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Blanks Farmspring/summer 1581,spring 1582
Greens Farm
(Click on picture for enlargement)
winter 1308/9,spring 1309
Second oldest felling dates recorded
in a dwelling in Surrey.
Ivy House Farmwinters 1516/7,1517/8
    - smoke bay cross beamwinter 1548-1580
    - barnwinter 1516/7
Nyes Placespring/summer 1607,winter 1607/8
Old Beam Brookwinter 1540/1
Reffolds - main rangespring 1606,winters 1606/7,1607/8
    - parlour wingwinter 1610/11
Rolls Farm1568-1584
OCKLEYBuckinghill Farmwinter 1414/15
Wayleyswinter 1654/5,spring 1656

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