Saturday, 30th November at 2pm – Annual Lecture

‘Mathematical Tiles’, Ian West
Lecture at East Horsley Village Hall, Kingston Ave. East Horsley KT24 6QT

This is an open meeting so please bring guests (£4 entry, £3 members).

After the Ewell walk last year several members asked for information about these imitation bricks that were often used to re-front older timber framed buildings (Malthouse, Westcott) or ‘front up’ a contemporary timber building (2 Church Street, Ewell). They were also used to change the exterior colour of brick buildings (Athorp House) and ‘fire-proofing’ (Croydon). Although most examples are in South-East England they can be found (mostly on large houses/estates) elsewhere in England and Wales. They came in two basic shapes and range in colour from red to white and can have black or brown glaze on them. Sadly they did not avoid taxation in the 19th and 19th C as stated in most books but were included with other items in the highest tax band. The oldest dated tile is 1724 (inscribed prior to firing) and is in Surrey. The talk will concentrate on the use of tiles on domestic buildings and will also cover the subjects of taxation and repair of the tilework today.

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